How Force Touch Could Transform the Way You Use Your iPhone

Force touch on iPhone 6

It is only a matter of time until Force Touch is integrated in all new iPhones – maybe even as soon as September.

While skeptics suggest that Force Touch is an ‘unnecessary’ addition to the iPhone and will be more of a ‘power user’ tool — the fact is that it will open up a huge array of possibilities, even for casual users.

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“What is Force Touch?”

In simple terms, Force Touch will allow the surface of your iPhone’s screen to detect the pressure exerted on it and react differently to varying levels of force. Coupled with haptic feedback, you’ll even be able to ‘feel’ as if you’re pushing down on the screen despite it not actually moving.

Range of New Actions

Back in 2014, we reported that Apple is planning for pressure sensetive touchscreen for iPhone. Now it seems it’s time for Apple to implement them in real.

Needless to say, Force Touch allows for a whole range of new actions — all of which are based on its ability to sense the pressure exerted on the screen. Seeing as it is already integrated into the new MacBooks as well as the Apple Watch, some of the new actions can already be observed firsthand.

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The new Apple Watch already includes Force Touch as a vital part of its controls

The three main types of actions being used right now are:

1. Soft and Hard Clicks

Because the iPhone will be able to tell the difference between soft and hard clicks, each could be used for a different action.

Example: A soft click could select an item on the screen whereas a hard click could open it.

2. Accelerator Clicks

By increasing the pressure on the screen you’ll be able to ‘accelerate’ the movement of certain actions.

Example: A soft press might fast-forward a movie at a certain speed that would increase as you press harder.

3. Force Clicks

A ‘Force Click’ refers to a hard press that you then continue to hold down. Considering Apple specifically coined this term it is a safe bet that they intend to put it to work.

Example: A ‘Force Click’ could be configured differently in different apps — in a browser it could look up the definition of a word, while in a file manager it might bring up the file properties.

Coming to Apps Near You!

When Force Touch debuts on the iPhone, you can bet that there’ll be loads of apps that will take advantage of it. Two types of apps that will clearly benefit from it are games and drawing apps.

For games, the additional range of controls will be a major step forward. Not only will the new actions allow for fewer restrictions, but developers will be also able to explore new types of gameplay options.

Either you’re playing Call of Duty or the Infinity Blade series, the experience would be vastly different.

iPhone 6 gaming

Similarly with drawing apps, Force Touch will add a lot of depth. Already graphic designers use specialized pens that sense pressure and react accordingly, so having the same sort of functionality on mobile drawing apps will be a big deal.

If you’ve ever use sketching apps like Adobe’s Sketch app in your iPhone, you may find the Force Touch feature very helpful in future.

Of course, other apps will similarly be able to cash in on this feature — so it will be interesting to see what they bring to the table.

So what are you most excited about? Are you looking forward to the new types of games that will be coming out or are you more interested in finding out how other apps will take advantage of Force Touch? Let us know!

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