Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2015

As we predicted there was no new hardware in the conference, but what we got in the 2015 WWDC was way beyond our imagination, as there were lots and lots of new software.

Though the conference was not at all gaudy, but unlike previous WWDC in 2014, there were some highlights like the celebrity filled rehearsal parody video, which was first shown at the event, another rare activity that worth mentioning is women on stage, this is something totally new for Apple. Continue reading Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2015

Apple Watch: All You Need to Know

Apple is all set to launch it’s very first wearable, the Apple Watch. Coming early 2015, Apple Watch will be available in three distinctive forms — Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watch will be available in different sizes with multiple bands to choose from.

The bands Apple watch uses is proprietary which means you won’t be able to use third-party bands. But the selection Apple offers you is just incredible. There is a lot to know about Apple Watch as it is a completely new device running all new custom OS. So, let’s get to it!
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A Look at the new iOS8 and Expected Features in iPhones & iPads

At the recently held Apple Worldwide Developer conference (WWDC), it was all about Apple’s new operating system. iOS 8, the latest version of the mobile OS, was revealed, explored and explained by Apple. However, there was nothing on the upcoming iPhones and iPads. Meanwhile, studying the release of iOS 8 can hint what can be expected from the next generation of iPhones and iPads. The secrecy with Apple products is known to all and the features of upcoming iPads and iPhones can only be predicted and not forecasted. In fact, Apple might have intended to hint at some of the features of future devices with the revelation of certain iOS 8 functions. Continue reading A Look at the new iOS8 and Expected Features in iPhones & iPads

Apple Working On ‘New Product Categories’, Says CEO Tim Cook

apple new product category apple ceo tim cook
In a recent interview in the Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook says they’re planning to introduce new product categories under the brand name Apple. Any “reasonable” person can see that the upcoming “Really Great Stuff” will belong to new product categories, he reported. Their interest in wearable devices and mobile payment systems supports this fact.

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Apple Lucky Bag Sales Likely To Kick Off On January 2 At The Japanese Stores

apple lucky bagApple is likely going to launch its annual Lucky Bag sales at the Japanese stores on January 2. Although no official mention came out but their website shows the store opening time on January 2 to be 8:00 A.M which hints at the Apple lucky bag sales. An Apple lucky bag contains Apple goodies bundled by the respective stores and the bag is sold for a preset price.

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Apple Launches ’12 Days of Gifts’ App For 2013


Apple announces the 12 Days of Gifts annual app for this. The app was launched in the iTunes store and available for free download in several countries. Unlike last times, the app this time includes U.S support as well. The selected 12 Days are from December 26 to January 6.

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Apple Retail Stores Go Red For World AIDS Day

apple stores red for aids dayApple stores RED once again for supporting the World’s AIDS day. The white Apple logo on its retail stores will turn red for one day i.e. Devember 1. Apple has been doing this for the lst two years so as to support and signify the day.

The World’s AIDS day is primarily aimed at raising awareness among people about the disease and for fundraisings for the diseased. Apple always has been involved in the act with the major oragnizations made for the purpose including Global Fund with their Project (RED) which reflects Apple’s choice for color.

Every day, 900 babies are born with HIV. (RED) works with companies like Apple to fight for an AIDS‑free generation by creating (PRODUCT)RED merchandise. A percentage of gross profits from the sale of those products goes to the Global Fund to help fund AIDS programmes in Africa. Since its introduction, (PRODUCT)RED has generated more than $215 million for the Global Fund — more than $65 million from Apple alone. You can help make an impact by purchasing a (PRODUCT)RED iPod or (PRODUCT)RED accessories for iPhone and iPad.

As mentioned, Apple supports the organization by selling Red colored devices and accessories to the people. Apple also has reportedly made a huge amount of revenuw on this RED day in the past two years. A fixed portion of the profit gained by these products if given as charity to the fund raiser.

Apple seels iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod touch, iPad Smart Cover, and iPhone 4S bumper with a RED branding currently for the fund and has been reported to have collected a total of $65 million in total for it. These RED Apple products can be bought from the retail as well as the online Apple stores.

Apple Black Friday Teaser Confirms The Price Cuts For One Day

apple black friday teaser
Apple Black Friday teaser as posted online and in retail stores confirms the happening of the event and therefore we would soon be expecting some good price drop on Apple inventory for one day. Apple posted a teaser image on its Austrailian site about a  “one-day Apple shopping event” on the November 29th when the shipping of items will be made free all over the globe.

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iPhone 6 release date, features, specs, price, news and rumors

Following the release of iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iOS 7, we’re rounding up iPhone 6 features, specifications, release date, news, rumors and prices.

Apple iPhone 6 Design Concept
Apple iPhone 6 Design Concept

The recent release of the new iPhone 5s includes surprisingly fast functioning power with 64-bit processor, improved camera with dual LED flash, more importantly the most anticipated iPhone’s operating system iOS 7. However, the new iPhone 5s has the same size and structure as iPhone 5 expect the iPhone 5s has 3 color variations.

Apple is, however, working on a big project and they has been doing a lot of testings for the bigger screen for iPhone 6 which is expected to be released on September 2014.

In this post, we’re clearing out all the rumors, possible features, and all details about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6.

Browse through the topics about iPhone 6:

iPhone 6 release date

Update: iPhone 6 release date is set to mid-September 2014.

Although we’re not sure about the exact iPhone 6 announcement date, it’s more likely that Apple could release iPhone 6 in the next year 2014 on September since they usually announce their new product — specifically new iPhones — periodically each year.

But an Apple analyst Peter Misek says Apple would certainly release iPhone 6 on June 2014.

In a press meeting, Apple CEO Tim Cook has told us that they’re making some new ‘amazing’ hardware, software and services that they’re planning to introduced this fall and throughout 2014.

It’s makes a good sense  to assume that Apple is already finishing up the new product linings and announcing the new products at WWDC in 2014 as they did in this year’s WWDC.

iPhone 6 screen size

Update: We have got update form the source that Apple is reportedly going to release iPhone 6 with full 1080p display with 5 inch screen.

iPhone 6 with curved display
iPhone 6 with curved display

Update (November 10, 2013): Bloomberg has reported that Apple is planning two introduce two new iPhone models in 2014. The new iPhone model is reported to have curved display and 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

Apple is not fan of large display, however, a big rumors is floating around that the new iPhone 6 with bigger screen may range from 4.8 inches to 6 inches as similar in size of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. According to the new report by Wall Street Journal, Apple has been testing on the iPhone display which is as large as six inches.

iPhone 6 larger screen design concept with 1080p HD display
iPhone 6 larger screen design concept with 1080p HD display

It’s quite clear that one of the greatest specifications of iPhone 6 would be the size of its screen since the larger displays are more impressive.

Tim Cook has hinted that they are testing all the technologies to implement them in the new products. We can assume that Apply could also implement Sharp IGZO screen technology which consumes less power and is thinner in size as demonstrated at CES 2013.

iPhone 6 gaze detection technology

The larger display requires more power and consumes a considerable amount of battery. As reported by Mashable, Apple has a sight to introduce the gaze detection technology which the phone call detect if you’re looking at the phone resulting the less power consumption and saving battery life. The phone automatically locks and pauses the video while you look away. GottabeMobile reports that the next iPhone 6 would have 1080p HD display.

While this feature already exist in Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple could follow this technology which its own customized version.

iPhone 6 Gorilla Glass
The new iPhone could get new Gorilla Glass, too

iPhone 6 will run iOS 8

Every year, Apple announces the new operating system for its iOS devices. With the recent release of iOS 7 alongside iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, it does make sense that iPhone 6 will be coming out with the new iOS 8.

iOS 7 Running iPhone 5s
Would iOS 8 could give us a big surprise?

We’d expect we’ll be using iOS 8 in iPhone 6 around September.

iPhone 6 storage

Apple already took a big shot with 128GB iPad. Why not guess they are up with 128GB iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 processor

It wouldn’t be a big surprise if Apple come up with A8 processor for iPhone 6. A8 chip would have better performance efficiency which should help to consume less battery.

iPhone 6 camera

Apple Insider in May 2013 uncovered an Apple patent filing in which an iOS device remotely controls the secondary devices like iPhone acts as slave flash for the primary iOS device.

We’ll seeing the huge change in camera of the new iPhone 6 which will be one of the new features.

iPhone 6 Camera
iPhone 6 camera could be handy for professional photographers

iPhone 6 Touch ID

iPhone 6 will certainly follow Apple’s new fingerprint Touch ID technology from iPhone 5s. Recent rumor suggests that iPad Mini 2 will include Touch ID feature.

Currently, Touch ID can only be used to unlock the locked iPhone screen and to purchase apps and songs from iTunes and AppStore — however Apple would eventually announce the new applications and uses for Touch ID like for accessing third-party banking apps.

iPhone 5s Touch ID was hackable so we expect to see hack-proof Touch ID in next iPhones.

iPhone 6 concept and design

Different design concept and rumors is roaming around, but here’s the best possible concept that we could expect in iPhone 6.

A Russian site AppleInsider.ru makes the following demo of iPhone 6:

Ultra slim iPhone 6 concept with beautiful design
Ultra slim iPhone 6 concept with beautiful design
iPhone 6 slim design with bigger screen
Could the iPhone 6 would have slim design with bigger screen?
iPhone 6 Larger Screen Specification
Here’s iPhone that resembles with HTC One

iPhone 6 wireless charging

Wireless charging is what most people wants in the iPhone. Would Apple give it a push for wireless charging in iPhone 6?

Apple has filed patent for wireless charging which was expected to be included on iPhone 5s, but possible it could be added on iPhone 6.

What’s difference between Apple and other wireless charging technology is that Apple’s technology can charge the multiple devices at once.

iPhone 6 to include Smart Bezel

According to PatentlyApple, Apple filed another patent on Smart Bezel. It’s simply a display technology containing two layers, one secondary and one primary display. The secondary display layer illuminates allowing user to give input and touch command to the device while the secondary display layer simple provides visual contents.

This way, the users could see more visual part of the display screen.

Smart Bezel on iPhone 6
Smart Bezel on iPhone 6

iPhone 6 price

Apple generally sells the new iPhone at the same price as the old one. If this holds out, the 16GB model iPhone 6 costs $199, $299 for 32GB and $399 for 64GB model.

What have you heard?

Did you find any new rumor, news, or hint about upcoming Apple iPhone 6? Let me know in the comment below.

Apple Tracking Web Service Shut Down After Apple Issues DMCA Takedown Notice

apple tracking service shut downApple tracking web service Apple-Tracker, that was basically a handy Apple inventory tracking system was shut down after Apple issued it a DMCA site takedown notice. The unofficial Apple tracking website scraped the product data from Apple’s website and easily let you know the various inventory availability details especially about the new iPad Air and iPad Mini.

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