Japanese Court Orders Apple to Pay $3.3 Million Over iPod Click Wheel Patent Infringement

iPod Class

The Tokyo District Court has ordered Apple Inc. to pay ¥330 million ($3.3 million) in loses to a Japanese investor Norihiko Saito over a patent infringement of click wheel system used on different models of iPod.

Originally, the patent that Saito applied for the company includes a touch wheel button technology that Apple adopted since 2004, the first launch of the iPod.

The click wheel technology contains a circular touch sensor with multiple functionality like fast forwarding and volume controls.

The patent disputed started when Saito filled Tokyo Customs an authoritative warning against iPod imports in 2007. Apple, however, filed suit to confirm the absence of patent infringement. Saito then demanded ¥100 for the damages.

On Thursday, the patent dispute concluded when Saito demanded ¥10 billion followed by 3 failed attempts, the court ordered Apple to pay the invest ¥330 million.