The New iPad And iPad Mini May Not Feature Touch ID Sensor Or Gold Color Option

new ipad and ipad mini not getting touch id sensor or gold color

Analysts are of the view that the Apple’s new iPad and iPad Mini will not be including a Touch ID sensor (as previously rumored) and neither will come with a Gold color option. These new devices will be officially launched in the Apple iPad event in two days along with other new Apple products.

While the researchers were previously pretty sure of the fact that the new iPad and the iPad Mini will be getting the Touch ID sensor, which was supported by leaked pictures, the actual case in the eyes of high-profile analysts might be really different.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi recently released his research report regarding the new Apple products to be launched this Tuesday.

He was of the view that the Touch ID and the Gold Color option would not be made available for the new iPad and iPad Mini models. The prime support to this fact was the increasing demand of the iPhone 5S which also made Apple sacrifice its iPhone 5C orders.

The only reason for the slow production speed of the iPhone 5S is the complexity and scarce production amount of the Touch ID sensor which it features.

Ming suggests that Apple would not really like to take the risk of parting the Touch ID sensor usage into three different devices or would suffer the scarce supply of all of them which it really would never wish for.

Gold Color will also not be added because of similar reasons, the tight supply and that reserved for the iPhone 5S to cater for its exceeding demand.

The other predicted specs for the iPad were however confirmed. The fifth-generation iPad WILL be powered with an A7X processor and would be much thinner and lighter than the previous release. An 8 megapixels camera is to be featured in the new device.

As for the iPad Mini, the retina display featuring still remains a hot topic as it might not be getting it. The iPad Mini will however feature an A7 microprocessor like the iPhone 5S.

The rumors will be clarified soon by Apple in their upcoming iPad event. But the most probable news would be the existence of Touch ID sensor only in the Apple’s flagship smartphone i.e. iPhone 5S. iPad lovers might want to wait for the next release of the device.

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