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The New Apple TV Release Probably Delayed

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The new Apple TV release, which was rumored to scheduled in the tomorrow’s iPad event is delayed as the device is not yet completely ready to be launched. The iPad event, will therefore remove TV from its new Apple products list that are to be released.

Apple might still release an updated Apple TV on the event, but the totally new-style Apple TV with new controlling schemes might not be ready as yet. We might just experience a minor software update as for now.

The fire of rumors about the release of the Apple TV on the upcoming Apple media event were first lighted by MG Siegler, a former TechCrunch writer and Google Ventures general partner, in a Tweet.

Quite ironically, he is also the one who is now proving the news wrong according to the rumors he most recently heard from Apple officials. He states:

Well, now I feel the need to pour a little — just a little, mind you — cold water on the rumor fire. While I still haven’t heard anything concrete, the most recent whispers I have heard is that the Apple TV project has been delayed a bit.

The new Apple TV coming is expected to be a massive hardware upgrade as compared to the previous release as the rumors suggested that it would have a whole new controlling scheme.

It was definitely not going to be a television set of course like some analysts did predict.

Apple was rumored to be testing thte Xbox-Kinect like motion controls to be added to the new TV and this is also what Siegler tried to hint in his original Tweet about the release of the TV.

However, the newly designed Apple TV might just not make it to the tomorrow’s event because Siegel suggests that such technology is not ready to be launched by Apple.

Apple would be releasing some of its major product revisions on the tomorrow’s iPad event where most importantly, we will be able to see the new fifth-generation iPad and the second generation iPad Mini. The new-style Apple TV will however have to wait a bit more to be officially launched.

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