Mac OS X Mavericks to be Released by the End of October


Apple will release its new Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks to the public by the end of this October. The news isn’t directly opened up by Apple as yet, rather by some other reliable sources that have the insights of Apple’s whereabouts.

Originally, the release was scheduled to be made this month but due to some technical problems maybe Apple had to delay it until the end of next month. This is expected to be boosting up the Apple’s poor market share by adding new and unique plus useful functionalities.

OSX Mavericks is the successor to the famous Mac OSX Mountain Lion and is believed to be a major improvement over the previous versions.

Apart from the usual performance improvements, the new OS features updated apps like the new Safari, Maps, Calendar and iBooks, better power management and multi-monitor support and a fast interface as a whole.

The new OS is also obviously expected to be overcoming the shortcomings of the previous ones by solving the various issues and bugs in them and to be honest, this is all the people would want from them right now since Apple has not always been good at that.

Apple has been releasing multiple developer previews for this OS and a lot off app development has already been carried out for the new OS. Although it doesn’t differs majorly in development point of view from its predecessors, but the new OS is expected to be more smooth, efficient and useful.

Mountain Lion also was a great improvement to the OSX and therefore, everyone’s keeping their hopes high from this new Mavericks. All the hype created has to have been for something worth it or Apple will continue lowering its ranking in the desktop operating systems.

Apple these days is actually focusing on a lot of major stuff. The introduction of the new iPhone, the new iPad Mini, iOS7, Macbook Pro and this new OS are all coming alongside.

Consequently, Apple carries a lot of expectations of people from all around the world and will hopefully not disappoint anyone and will do the job nicely. This end of year carries a lot of meaning to Apple and all its products users because of the several new introductions being made.

As we reported in September that Mac OS X knocked out Windows over market share, it more likely that the Mavericks would again go further.

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