iPhone 6 Rumors Claim The Possibility Of Temperature, Humidity And Pressure Sensors

iphone 6 rumors pressure, humidity, temperature sensors
The latest iPhone 6 rumors claim the possibility of various environment sensors including temperature, humidity and pressure sensors in the phone. The news was told by Sun Chang Xu, an electronics analyst on her Weibo account.

G for Games reports that the term “pressure” here does not refer to blood pressure and is certainly atmospheric.

Apple would really not want to introduce blood pressure in the iPhone when they can launch it in a more suitable device i.e. the iWatch which is also rumored to have several optical sensors to measure the heart rate and oxygen levels.

According to Sun Chang Xu (news chief analyst at ESM-China), sources close to the matter have revealed that Apple will catch up in the “sensors department”, as the iPhone 6 will feature pressure, temperature and humidity sensors. Please note that the analyst is probably not referring to blood pressure (this feature is rumored to be implemented in Apple’s iWatch) but to atmospheric pressure, reports G for Games

iPhone 6 will also feature a larger display ranging between 4.7 and 5.6 inches as rumored.

Apple might also choose to use a new Ultra Retina Display for the iPhone 6 with a resolution higher than the iPhone 5 Retina Display.

Apple has been hiring several individuals in the health department possibly for the work on health sensors. Upcoming iOS 8 is also rumored to include a Healthbook app which will be using these sensors.

The exact release date of the iPhone 6 is unknown but it is expected in the third quarter this year. Keep updated with the iPhone 6 updates in our iPhone 6 section.

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