iPhone 6 Release Date Set To Mid-September 2014

iphone 6 release date september 2014
Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 release date set to mid-September 2014 according to the most recent rumors. Judging by the iPhone 6 specs it would clearly be one the best smartphones by Apple especially because of its larger display size which is one thing Apple fans really wanted. Rumors claim that just like this year’s iPhone event, next year we will be having the introduction of the iPhone 6 in September.

September is when we get to see new iPhones by Apple. Analyst rumored that the September 2014 is when the iPhone 6 will be launched while following the trend.

The new iPhone 6 would be packed with a larger screen definitely. The screen size as rumored would be 5-inches with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The device would technically be a phablet.

Apple’s annoying ‘one hand use’ principle which also restricted them a bit in the construction of the iPhone 5 would also be applied in this case.

Apple is working on decreasing the space beside the screen so as to fulfil its principle which would also make the device a little too longer than usual.

Apple has never really satisfied its fans with the screen size. The 3.5in 3Gs could be classified as Okay depending upon the trends those days but the iPhone got 4-inch when 4.5+ were really demanded. This doesn’t suggest that Apple should just jump to a 6-inch display, which it never would, but a decent size should be selected.

As commented by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities in September, Apple would never go beyond 5-inches screen size. That’s because it would make the device large enough to be used with two hands for full functionality and Apple really stays focused on its prime principles. A 5-inch screen therefore would be the perfect solution.

The iPhone 6 would naturally be much more powerful than the current generation phones. The phone might as well come with an A8 microprocessor and be launched with the new iOS 8.

The mandatory specifications like the Touch ID sensor and an improved camera are confirmed though. Supplementary features like the gaze detection technology, wireless charging and the Smart Bezel screen are also rumored.

The phone might just be a magnified iPhone 5 with upgraded technology.

Apple currently stands as a smartphone and tablet giant in the market because of its new products. The iPhone 6 would be a valuable addition to that list.

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