iPhone 6 Camera To Feature Optical Image Stabilization For Better Performance

iphone 6 camera optical image stabilization
Recently a patent by the name VCM OIS ACTUATOR MODULE was published which suggests Apple would be looking for Optical Image Stabilization and improved Auto-Focus in the iPhone 6 Camera. This would be one of the most technical additions to the iPhone 6 features. The iPhone 6 release date is scheduled for Mid-September this year.

The Optical Image Stabilization paired with the iPhone 6 camera will result in a much better photography experience on the new iPhone. It will be able to shoot much better and stabilized low-light photos and videos than its predecessors. The improved auto-focus will result in a faster capture and enhanced focusing capabilities of the camera.

The original patent that described the basic mechanisms for OIS and Auto-Focus was filed in October 2012 but was published on the USPTO recently.

“Actuator module may have integrated therein a mechanism to provide the AF function and a mechanism to provide the OIS function. The AF mechanism is configured to both move the lens along the optical axis and actively tilt the lens. The lens tilt may be used to compensate for parasitic lens movements due to, for example, tilting of the device within which actuator module is implemented. The OIS mechanism is configured to move (e.g., shift) the lens in directions orthogonal to the optical axis to correct for handshake motions in the center of the image. By shifting, as opposed to tilting the entire camera (e.g., the lens and image sensor together as a rigid body), the associated image sensor substrate can remain stationary, substantially simplifying both camera manufacture, size and packaging in the mobile electronic device”, reports UnwiredView

Apple has always lagged behind the mega-pixels race than the other smartphone manufacturers albeit their camera is considered the best among all. This is because of the extreme focus given on the lenses, sensors and several shooting algorithms to produce a crisp image regardless of the image size or pixels.

The filing dates suggest the Apple has been working on the technology for quite a long period. The new and improved camera with OIS and better auto-focus is therefore rumored to be a part of the upcoming iPhone 6.

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