iphone-5c-iphone-5c-logic-board comparison

iPhone 5C Logic Board Appearing Very Similar to the iPhone 5S

iphone-5c-iphone-5c-logic-board comparisonNew photos leaked of the iPhone 5C’s logic board show its great similarities with the iPhone 5S logic board. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are the two iPhone products Apple is going to announce on its coming iPhone event in California. The logic board of the iPhone 5C is however covered with the shielding which conceals the internal structure but appearance wise, it is very similar to the iPhone 5S board.

The new photos were shared by C Technology which show the front and back of the logic board. The shielding was however kept in place. Its removal could have hinted at some more useful information but that’s not the way it is.

The iphone 5S and iPhone 5C are the two new iPhone products being released by Apple. The main difference lies in the hardware specifications. iPhone 5C, which is believed to be just a newer-casing iPhone 5, is a low budget iPhone, whereas the iPhone 5S would be the Apple’s flagship smartphone for an year or so because of the intense hardware and software capabilities embedded in it.

The similarities in the photos however hint to the fact that Apple has kept a similar internal design for both the phones, the difference would only lie in the microprocessor chips attached onto them which are actually way different from each other.

These logic boards are however different from the ones seen in the original iPhone 5 smartphones which were slightly wider and had a different circuitry.

Regardless of the similarities in the circuit, the two smartphones are poles apart in terms of hardware capacity, iPhone 5S being the better one. This Tuesday event will however uncover the actual devices and the rumors can be judged then.

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