The New Apple TV Not Coming This Month

The new Apple TV will not be announced on the Apple’s September event. Rumors spread that Apple will also be announcing the New Apple TV alongside the new iPhones on this September event but as it turns out, that was just a rumor and one thing’s confirm for now, the new TV is at least not being released in the coming week. Apple however will be announcing about the various new updates to be provided into it.

The device lets you stream high quality content from iTunes and a thousand of other websites directly on your television set which makes it an extremely useful and powerful app. The original Apple TV device came in 2007 and currently, three more versions of the device have been released. The fourth one however will not be coming as expected.

The Apple TV now-a-days use a modified Mac OS and a large number of features and updates were added into it in the form of software updates which made the TV experience more entertaining than ever before. The device also allows you to stream Vevo, Disney channel and The Weather Channel directly on your TV set.

A lot of new updates and features are however expected in the new device. Some of them are the iTunes Radio support, the Conference Room mode via Airplay, connectivity with an iPhone or iPad, and the ability to purchase music directly from the iTunes store.

Apple may be releasing a whole new OS for the new Apple TV, as rumored. Its release is expected to be made next month as Apple is already too busy in announcing its new iPhone and iOS for now. The new updates and features coming might be hinted at in the coming week but the actual release of the device unfortunately got postponed.

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