Apple Planning Pressure-Sensitive iPhone Touchscreen

The United States Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published a new patent titled “Gesture and touch input detection through force sensing” that details on a pressure-sensitive iPhone touchscreen. The patent involves working of force sensors with iPhone and possibly iPad touchscreen to detect pressure as input.

The published patent describes the working of a computing device with a processor, touch interface and at least three to four force sensors.

For the ideal working of the technology, Apple would need to add at least four force sensors which would be attached to the screen.

The working is simple. The force sensors work on the touch interface and are configured to detect force on the surface.

The processor afterwards determines the location of the exerted pressure based on the different pressure readings taken by the force sensors which makes the device deal effectively with pressure-sensitive input.

The implementation would possible result in a usual multitouch display of the iPhone and probably the iPad, along with three to four force sensors beneath that would make the device deal with a new type of input – the pressure.

The touch screen is configured to detect a touch signal corresponding to a user finger approaching or contacting the touch screen. The at least three pressure sensors are configured to detect a pressure signal corresponding to an object proving pressure on a surface. In response to the pressure signal the processor determines a centroid location relative to the surface and the touch signal is processed by the processor by analyzing the centroid location.

The patent describes how the current iDevice touchscreens behave inappropriately on specific inputs. The current touchscreen device cannot properly entertain the swipe or pinch gesture from the screen’s edge.

Using the four pressure sensors will reportedly disables these limits and the touchscreen would work perfect for such gestures.

The force sensors would be positioned outside of the active touch region thereby allowing the users to easily interact with with the elements of the screen beyond the active region i.e. the menu option.

While Apple has not officially announced, analysts expect the pressure-sensitive touchscreen to be launched in the iPhone 6. Keep hooked to our iPhone 6 updates to stay updated and informed about Apple’s planning.

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