Apple Lucky Bag Sales Likely To Kick Off On January 2 At The Japanese Stores

apple lucky bagApple is likely going to launch its annual Lucky Bag sales at the Japanese stores on January 2. Although no official mention came out but their website shows the store opening time on January 2 to be 8:00 A.M which hints at the Apple lucky bag sales. An Apple lucky bag contains Apple goodies bundled by the respective stores and the bag is sold for a preset price.

Retailers at an Apple store pack several Apple items in a bag and it is sold for a fixed price set near $500. The components inside the bag are unknown for obvious reason and hence the scheme gets a name. This may be considered a Japanese New Year gift (or rather a lucky gift) from Apple.

This comes under the Fukubukuro (“lucky bags”) custom observed in Japan which was introduced over 100 years ago. Now it is even introduced unofficially in the U.S. Apple became a part of the custom an year back.

Each bag might contain different items but the bag’s selling price is always the same although summing up its’ contents price might exceed or fall much below the bag price. The bag’s contents are kept a secret until purchase and they are not-refundable.

The bags usually contain iPods and iPads but can also be containing stuff like the MacBook Pros and iPhones.

Despite of the uncertainty, several hundreds of Apple bags were sold at the last year’s event at Japan where there were several lines of people created outside the store. The formation of this line started the night on the last day of the event i.e. January 1.

A lot of patience waiting in line is however required to grab the bag. Apple Stores in other countries are also rumored to be announcing the scheme.

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