Apple iWatch Release Planned For Q3 2014; Includes UV Light Exposure Sensor

apple iwatch release
Taiwan’s Economic Daily News reports that the Apple iWatch Release is planned for Q3, 2014. The iOS enabled device comes with a UV exposure sensor to monitor heart/pulse rate and blood oximetry levels.

Quanta Computer is reported to manufacture the first batch of 65 million iWatch units by the end of 2014. Ricktek Technology and TPK are supplying chips and sapphire touch panels, respectively while the processor is to be developed by Apple with chip prouction being outsourced to Samsung.

There have been several replacements and changes made in the parts’ suppliers over the years but the ones mentioned above are final.

Apple’s rumored “iWatch” will debut in the third quarter of this year and will include advanced sensors to detect a user’s heart rate and blood pressure, among other things, reports AppleInsider

While the exact features of the iWatch are currently unknown, past rumors have indicated that the device will feature biometric sensors to track a number of health-related statistics, including sleep activity, UV light exposure, and heart rate. A “Healthbook” companion app is also said to be in the works for iOS 8, which would integrate with the iPhone and iWatch to monitor and track other health statistics, reports Macrumors

Apple over the years has hired several health experts in the fields related to heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking with the sole purpose of providing an accurate such facility in the iWatch.

The iWatch is rumored to be launched in the Q3, 2014 thereby making the device come quite sooner than expected.

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