Apple iMessage Encryption Claimed To be Insecure

imessage-piracy-vulnerableResearches claim that the iMessage encryption schemes can be easily reversed by the Apple employees if they wanted to, thus blasting away all the piracy of the iOS and OS X iMessage users who trusted Apple when it said that the end-to-end encryption service provided by the app is unbreakable by any means.

iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple for the iOS and OS X ML platforms. The app uses end-to-end encryption/decryption to ensure privacy and security of the conversation.

The iMessage encryption has been a hot topic since its launch in 2011. No one was really ready to believe the so-called foolproof security mechanisms of the app.

In June, when the government agencies requested Apple for the customer records, it claimed to have not provided the iMessage records as they are encrypted and cannot be decrypted by Apple.

Researchers at a Hack in the Box security conference held at Kuala Lumpur however report the service to be faulty and that Apple can actually read your iMessages.

“Apple can read your iMessages if they choose to, or if they are required to do so by a government order,” reports QuarksLAB.

Researchers claim that an Apple employee can easily decrypt the iMessages exchanged by the users because of fixed and standard encryption schemes.

Apple however is constantly focused on proving that claim wrong by making statements against this fact.

“iMessage is not architected to allow Apple to read messages. The research discussed theoretical vulnerabilities that would require Apple to re-engineer the iMessage system to exploit it, and Apple has no plans or intentions to do so,” says Trudy Muller, Apple’s spokesperson.

Apple still faces reports from a large number of reputed security professionals. Cyril Cattiaux, the developer of jailbreak iOS mechanism declares the iMessage encryption as “just basically lies” saying that the non-transparent keys management system that Apple keeps could easily enable an Apple employee to get a hold on the decrypted iMessage.

Apple could be legally subjected to wiretapping if the news gets confirmed and the researchers’ claim that Apple can transfer the iMessage records to the government agencies becomes true. Although Apple is constantly trying to prove the news wrong, many iOS users have already migrated from the iMessage service.

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