Apple Rumored To Release 4.7 Inch And 5.6 Inch Phones Without iPhone Branding

apple phone 4.7 5.6 inch phones
Apple is rumored to release two new phones this year of 4.7 inch and 5.6 inches displays. The Taiwanese report claims these new phones will be experimental in nature and will not be branded under iPhone.

This news has been reported and rumored by multiple sources in the past. The new 4.7 and 5.6 inch phones will be released in the third quarter this year, the time when new iPhones are introduced.

The 4.7 inch model will use a traditional Corning Gorilla Glass display whereas the 5.6 inch model will use the rumored sapphire display.

Apple will also launch 5.6-inch smart machine experiment models, but the name is not called iPhone, pioneered the use of sapphire glass screen, reports Taiwan’s Economic Daily News

Apple is planning to release two new iPhone models this year like always. These new models could just be them but several reports say its not so. While these may just be experimental products, their manufacture will be costly specially with the introduction of the sapphire screen in one, which is slow in manufacture.

Therefore, the rumor of Apple dropping the iPhone title for both these models might only remain a rumor. The 5.6 inch model is highly likely to be branded iPhone because of the lesser supply and high demand of the sapphire screen after their rumored usage in the Apple iWatch.

Apple has been experimenting with larger screens since early 2013. According to the earliest rumors, the screen size for the upcoming iPhone models after the iPhone 5S will range from 4.7 to 5.7 inches.

These ‘experimental’ phones are also believed to remain ‘experimental’ used by the company for testing larger displays. Apple is not really in a position of maintaining a whole new product line especially when it costs high in production.

The Taiwanese report stresses upon the 4.7 inch model as the iPhone 6 while the future of the rumored 5.6 inch models still remains a question. The upcoming iPhone 6 was however expected to come with a sapphire display but Apple would likely drop this idea in favour of the new iWatch.

The new iPhone 6 is also expected in the third quarter of this year. You can keep updated with all the latest happenings about the iPhone 6 in our detailed iPhone 6 section.

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