Windows 8 Beats Mac OS X in Market Share

Windows 8 Beats Mac OSX in Market Share

The war between Mac and Windows is a never ending one, especially because of being heated up equally by both the sides. But, the actual statistical studies has some really bad news for one of the side here. Recent analysis show that Mac OS X has even dropped below the Microsoft’s Windows 8, in the total market share.

Windows 8 was lagging behind the Mac OS X in market share at the start of the month August by about 1%. The situation today seems to be the opposite as Mac OS X now lags behind Windows 8. The three different versions of the Mac OS X sum up to provide a total of 6.72% market share compared with the 7.4% share held by Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Windows 7, which is believed to be the best operating system by Microsoft still leads the table with a 45.63% share in the desktop OS market and is followed by Win XP and then Windows 8. Considering the fact that Windows 8 is still somewhat new, its share surpassing the Mac’s pretty old and experienced OS X seems shocking. Although Apple claims to be leading the tablet OS department, but its sudden falling below the standards in the desktop’s field should be a matter of great concern for the authorities.

The increase of a 2% market share in less than a month should mean a lot to Microsoft especially when they were pretty much getting disappointed in such rates earlier. One last thing to get right would be their smartphones and tablets an it severely lags the others there.

As for Apple, their best course probably would be to focus a little more on their desktop product as well as the other platforms because although it may not seem to be this way, but Mac really serves as the identification of their company as a whole.

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