Apple’s New Mac Pro Upgradable In Every Aspect

new mac pro upgradable
Apple made the new Mac Pro upgradable. Released this October, the new Mac Pro is considered to be the most future proof Mac because of its being completely upgradeable. Users can upgrade the CPU, GPU, RAM as well as the HDD. These first wave of orders of these new Mac Pros will be shipped by December 30.

The new Cylindrical Mac Pro is the Apple’s flagship desktop Mac for the next few years. It’s life cycle was further increased when recently Otherworld Computing (OWC) discovered in a tear-down of the device that it had removable components.

The previous Mac Pros had all the upgradeable parts other than the CPU soldered to the main board. This strongly reduced the life of the device since the Mac eventually started lagging behind others in specifications.

The new Mac Pro was discovered to be having the LGA 2011 CPU socket. The Mac Pro comes with the Intel Xeon E5 processor in four different models. CPU is also one of the major contributors  to the price of the Mac Pro. The strongest CPU configuration can even add up to $3500 extra for the processor only.

The default processor is the stock 3.7 GHz quadcore Xeon E5 with 10MB of L3 cache. The users can now use any supported LGA 2011 processor inside the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro comes with Dual AMD FirePro D300/500/700 GPUs which also enables to power up six 27-inch displays with a horizontal resolution of 2500 pixels each as tested by OWC. GPU replace-ability is also an option for the Mac Pro.

4 DDR3 PC3-14900 ECC 1866MHZ RAM slots are provided inside the new Mac Pro. The RAM is also replaceable. The maximum RAM supported is however 128 GB as limited by the processor.

The SSD is also replaceable but experts claim that the standard SSDs from Intel or other manufacturers might not be supported by the machine. Certain third-party replacements will however be possible and announced later.

Mac Pros are already packed up with extremely powerful products. The life cycle of the devices was however an issue since fixed specs as in case of the previous Mac Pros causes a lot of problems later on.

Apple has however made sure their new device remains alive and active just like a custom built computer system by making it fully upgradable.

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