MacBook Pro Graphics Performance Boosted Up 65% By Intel’s Iris Processor

new macbook pro graphics performance increased over previous models

Apple’s new MacBook Pro graphics performance increases over 65% than its predecessor because of the new Intel Iris Pro graphics processor. Released at the iPad event, the new MacBook Pro is many times efficient and powerful than its predecessor because of the new series Haswell processors, which was also the only major change brought in the devices.

The new MacBook Pros are equipped with the Intel’s new Haswell series processors which are a giant step ahead of Intel’s previous revisions. The processor is not only better at performance but also manages power quite efficiently.

The paired GPU, the Intel Iris integrated graphics, the successor to the Intel HD integrated graphics series is tested to be giving 45-65% performance increase over the previous processors. The GPU as promised by Intel does actually gives double or triple the performance of the previous generations.

The most impressive improvements in the new laptops came courtesy of the new Iris graphics. Compared to the HD 4000 graphics in the early 2013 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, the Iris graphics posted between 45 and 50 percent higher frame rates in Cinebench r15’s OpenGL tests and the Unigine Valley Benchmark. Unigen’s Heaven benchmark showed the new systems with about 65 percent improvement in frame rates over the earlier model.

The new Iris graphics also has the capacity to support a 4K resolution at 24Hz. Along with the graphics improvements, the processor also features extreme battery saving optimizations which add a couple of hours to the normal timings.

Apart from the display and graphics, the new processors also add some really good speed to the systems at performing normal computer tasks.

MacBook also comes paired with an NVidia GT 750m dedicated graphics processor with 2GB of video memory which will multiply the graphics performance rates even more but the current performance focuses mainly on the new Haswell processors they featured.

The new MacBook Pros were Apple’s new flagship notebooks for the next year with a promise of delivering the user, an immense performance as a whole. The $1300+ price is however something that might users down but Apple always finds its buyers and that too in an overwhelming quantity.

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