Mac Pro Shipping Date Set To December 30 For The First Wave Of Orders

mac pro shipping dateApple announces the Mac Pro shipping date to be December 30th for the very first wave of booked orders. Mac Pro was launched on the October Event but the online booking started on December 19th. Reports claim several thousands of Mac Pro orders already made as yet.

The first wave of customers here refers to the thousands of users that booked the desktop in the first few minutes of its availability on the website. Current shippings include the $2999 quad-core and the $3999 hexa-core devices.

The custom order devices will however not be shipped now most probably because of them being a priori assigned to a date in January. Moreover, the current shipping will consist of Apple’s inventory that it may have had before the online availability. Custom orders will have to wait.

Apple self-imposed this December deadline for the Mac Pros in their October iPad event where Mac Pro was launched.

The increasing orders or maybe Apple’s slow production rates have found their way to the Mac Pro too since a real shortage of the devices is currently being observed at Apple. The new delivery dates Apple’s providing for the very standard Pac Pro models has gone to February and will easily pass that too.

Several customer from the second wave of orders report that their credit cards were charged which hints at Apple trying to satisfying the next batch as well this early although the device shortage will never let Apple actually deliver them soon it seems.

AppleInsider reports that the limited Mac Pro availability to be a consequence of their “Made in USA” scheme under which the devices were being manufactured at a domestic plant in Texas instead of the usual Far East partner factories.

Apart from the tremendous and powerful components the small sized Mac Pro packages in itself, Apple has also been issuing several updates to the device to further improve the performance.

Ironically, not a single Mac Pro has been actually delivered as yet.

Apple seems to be filling up any loopholes and gaps before actually giving the devices to the customer although this should have already been taken care of.

If you ordered the device in the early stages, brace yourself since it is about to be presented at your doorstep and if you haven’t yet, try saving up and buy the powerful yet small beast.

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