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5 Best Features of the New OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Apple is all set to take up the gizmo world by huge storm once again with its new Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

The successor of Yosemite is claimed to have imbibed the best aspects of its predecessor which are duly accompanied by some new tweaks as well. While the final release is dated for autumn, the post below offers a sneak-peek on 5 best features of the El Capitan.

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Safari on El Capitan OS X

There’s an annoying sound playing from one of your 15 open tabs. And you don’t know which tab is playing that sound. We’ve all been there. With the latest release of El Capitan, we’ll get rid of this problem.

In El Capitan, you can easily locate the tab where the sound is playing, or just click the ‘mute’ button to mute all the tabs at once.

And oh, you can also ‘pin’ the multiple tabs so it will automatically open when you open the Safari next time.

Cursor gets clearer & bigger

First of all, one of the most useful features is a clearer way to locate the cursor.

You will be doing the same activities while locating the cursor – such as shaking mouse or wiggling on trackpad – yet with this new Apple OS, the cursor would jump at you assuring a bigger & clearer view.

It proves that Apple has considered user convenience to a great extent whilst updating the OS.

Automatic hide & display of menu bar

Then, the new OS is designed with a crucial modification in the System Preferences > General. This would allow you to hide & display menu bar automatically akin to the way you hide Dock.

It would specifically beneficial for people with small laptops like MacBook Air 11or 12, where each pixel counts.

Mission Control Exposé

El Capitan Mission Control

El Capitan would feature the good old Mission Control Exposé behavior to ensure further user convenience.

Mission Control displays minimized form of every app and document the user has open in his system, along with desktop spaces. The Exposé feature permits you to view documents related to the apps (as one presses F3- all accumulated together.

As everything stays just before your eyes, it would be easier to locate the desired document amidst multiple documents opened.

The return of Exposé surely takes the Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan to a new level, making it more coveted among the users.

Easier creation & management of multiple desktops

El Capitan Split View

This is another interesting feature from the Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. The Yosemite successor comes up with an improved Spaces Bar which assures easier creation & management of multiple desktops.

You will find an “a+” in farthest right of Spaces Bar – just click on it & you would be able to create new desktop.

Yes, it’s not something new & new Desktops could be presently added in spaces by clicking right on desktop image- yet this newer way seems to be more intuitive for the users. Moreover, the newer way also consumes lesser space.

Enhanced full-screen mode

This is another feature to be loved by the El Capitan users. According to reports, the Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan has been designed with an enhanced full-screen mode that offers better options to work with several applications simultaneously.

Clicking & dragging of green-colored window-resize button would result to latest Split View – that would fill up your screen with couple of apps just at once.

Now, as the El Capitan user, you will have this liberty to allot how much space you would prefer to designate for each of the apps.

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