Able2Extract 9 PDF Converter for Mac

Able2Extract 9 – The Best PDF Converter for Mac I’ve Used So Far

Able2Extract 9 PDF Converter for Mac
Able2Extract 9 PDF Converter for Mac

If you’re one of those who has to regularly deal with PDF and word documents, you know the hassle of Googling or ‘PDF to Word’ and wasting at least 20 minutes to figure out which tool actually does what you want. And if you’re lucky you’ll get it done under 30 minutes online. We’ve all been there. I had wasted enough time finding the best ‘free’ tool that does a good job.

Couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to get a premium tool which does what I frequently want — convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint depending upon the content of the file.

I decided to go with Able2Extract 9, and I couldn’t be happier. It does exactly what I want… in no time.

Seriously, I’ve never been impressed with a software so simple to operate. Converting from PDF to MS Word takes less than a minute with great accuracy. Not to mention its simple integrated features yet so useful.

Able2Extract PDF coverter tool for mac
One-click PDF conversion

One of the best feature I like is that after you convert PDF files to Word, you’ll get completely editable version of Word document like as it was initially — you can edit links, and even images.

Want to remove watermark from PDF? Not an issue. Use convert to Word and remove that image. We even get the option to convert only the specific part of the PDF document.

You don’t even need a manual to operate the software because all the tools you need is there in one place and the tasks can be completed usually with just 5 clicks.

If you have 50 page of PDF document, but you only want to convert page 32 to your desired format, then you can do it too. This is another great feature of Able2Extract.

Not only it can convert PDFs to MS documents, you can also create and edit PDF document.

Is it worth the price?

Able2Extract is the best and accurate PDF converter I’ve used so far. It has clean UI and its very easy to operate. Document conversion takes less than a minute and you have very finely editable documents ready for you.

I’ve said enough. Have no money to buy? Why not try Able2Extract 9 for free for 7 days?

Or, you can grab the full license with access to all the tools for $99.95. It’s definitely worth the purchase.

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