Top 12 Best 2015 12-Inch MacBook Cases and Covers


The newest Mac from the stable of Apple is the 12-inch MacBook 2015 device, which is a refresh version of the existing. With the launching, it is obvious the accessories industry to react to the earliest.

It has come up with several covers and cases for the device. However, to know which one is the best is not easy. So, here we have come up with the top 10 best 2015 12-inch MacBook covers and cases. Below are those.

In addition to Incase’s cover for 12-inch MacBook available on Apple Store (costs $39.95), here are 12 best cases for 2015 12-Inch MacBook:

1. Toffee Envelop Sleeve


This Toffee Envelop Sleeve for 12-inch MacBook carries good look to enhance your personality where ever you carry the device packed in it. Designed in Australia, the cover is made by Toffee and is one of the most premium sleeves in the accessory market. It is compact, qualitative and handy too.

The cover is made of premium leather from outside and the interior is hard-shell. To offer cushions to your expensive MacBook, it is also equipped with an additional layer between exterior and interior layers. The cover is made available in five different, attractive colors.

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2. Toffee Fitzroy Satchel


This product will make you feel premium. Meant exclusively for MacBook, the Toffee Fitzroy Satchel is water resistant and comes with quilted interior. It is made of waxed canvas equipped with genuine leather trims. It comes in two colors from the house of Toffee. It is designed in Australia. It has pockets too to keep iPhone or other smartphone.

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3. CaseCrown Book Cover 2015 12-inch MacBook Case


This is the perfect shield for your new MacBook. First, you won’t have to remove it to use your MacBook. Second, it has magnetic button closure. Third, it’s made from high quality synthetic leather.

It’s very stylish and you’d also get complements from your friends by using this. Currently, it’s available in Black, Brown and Red.

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4. Snugg Leather Sleeve With Lifetime Warranty


Snugg is itself a big name in the industry. Its leather sleeve for 12-inch MacBook comes with lifetime warranty. It perfectly fits the device and comes with additional pockets to keep chargers, house papers and other small things. It is made of high quality materials and speaks about perfect craftsmanship. It comes in nine different, beautiful colors including orange, red and pink.

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5. i-Blason Hard Shell Macbook Case


i-Blason is one of the best case producers in the market. This case by i-Blason is light weight and has soft matte finish. Its is perfect if you want to protect your Macbook from drop and scratches. Available colors are Gold, Space Grey, and Silver.

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6. AmazonBasics Laptop Sleeve


Listed on Amazon as 11.6-inch laptop sleeve, but it perfectly fits the new 12-inch MacBook. It is slim in design and comes with fantastic build quality. It is equipped with enough padding in the interior to protect the device if the case is dropped accidentally.

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7. AmCase Cover for MacBook


The AmCase 12-inch Cover looks pretty and costly, but it is priced tagged cheaper than most of the covers here. It is equipped with enough foam padding in the inner layer to protect the device in case of a drop. It comes with additional space storage too on the front side for carrying chargers, cables, smartphones, and other smaller accessories. It is made available in two different and attractive colors – Pink and Black.

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8. iPearl 12-inch Soft Neoprene Sleeve Case for MacBook


This is one of the best sleeve cases for the new 12-inch MacBook from the stable of iPearl. It is made up of super high quality neoprene material that is soft and durable. It offers maximum protection to the device and comes with extra pocket too to store accessories like charger and trackpad. The iPearl Sleeve Case is made available in five exciting colors.

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9. Kamor 12-inch Bohemian Style Animal World Fabric Sleeve


The case looks feminist and surely to be liked by ladies the most. It carries a funky style with patterns and comes with two zippers. It is available in four different, exciting colors and gives ultimate protection to the device even though being slim and lightweight.

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10. Case Star Neoprene Ultrabook Sleeve Case


The case is similar to the AmazonBasics to some extent, but differs in range of colors. It is available in seventeen different, exciting, whooping colors. The case comes with zipper to open and close, and is perfectly worth the money.

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11. CaseCrown Campus North Messenger Bag for MacBook


The case perfectly fits the new 12-inch MacBook and comes with enough padded interior divider with secure placement closure for the device. It comes with several pockets and slots to store accessories and smartphones. It is made of durable canvas material equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. It is highly lightweight and perfect for travel purpose.

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12. BFB MacBook Shoulder Bag For Women


This is surely a style statement for women. The BFB MacBook Shoulder Bag is sleek and beautiful. The exterior is attractive and interior is cushioned-comfortable for the device. It is highly lightweight and made of superior quality materials.

The strap comes detachable to make the bag handy to carry the device without shouldering. A dedicated pocket has been specially made in it for women to store important cards including debit and credit cards. One another pocket is surely made to hold sunglasses and other such stuff.

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The popular case maker like Twelve South has yet to release cover for 12-inch MacBook. We’ll update the list as soon as the new cover from reliable case makes arrives on the market. How did you like our list? Did we miss anything? Do share your own views about these covers and cases with us in the comment below.

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Able2Extract 9 – The Best PDF Converter for Mac I’ve Used So Far

Able2Extract 9 PDF Converter for Mac
Able2Extract 9 PDF Converter for Mac

If you’re one of those who has to regularly deal with PDF and word documents, you know the hassle of Googling or ‘PDF to Word’ and wasting at least 20 minutes to figure out which tool actually does what you want. And if you’re lucky you’ll get it done under 30 minutes online. We’ve all been there. I had wasted enough time finding the best ‘free’ tool that does a good job.

Couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to get a premium tool which does what I frequently want — convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint depending upon the content of the file.

I decided to go with Able2Extract 9, and I couldn’t be happier. It does exactly what I want… in no time.

Seriously, I’ve never been impressed with a software so simple to operate. Converting from PDF to MS Word takes less than a minute with great accuracy. Not to mention its simple integrated features yet so useful.

Able2Extract PDF coverter tool for mac
One-click PDF conversion

One of the best feature I like is that after you convert PDF files to Word, you’ll get completely editable version of Word document like as it was initially — you can edit links, and even images.

Want to remove watermark from PDF? Not an issue. Use convert to Word and remove that image. We even get the option to convert only the specific part of the PDF document.

You don’t even need a manual to operate the software because all the tools you need is there in one place and the tasks can be completed usually with just 5 clicks.

If you have 50 page of PDF document, but you only want to convert page 32 to your desired format, then you can do it too. This is another great feature of Able2Extract.

Not only it can convert PDFs to MS documents, you can also create and edit PDF document.

Is it worth the price?

Able2Extract is the best and accurate PDF converter I’ve used so far. It has clean UI and its very easy to operate. Document conversion takes less than a minute and you have very finely editable documents ready for you.

I’ve said enough. Have no money to buy? Why not try Able2Extract 9 for free for 7 days?

Or, you can grab the full license with access to all the tools for $99.95. It’s definitely worth the purchase.

6 Impressive Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan
OS X El Capitan

Apple has come up with the next iteration of its OS X operating system for Macs. It is said to be releasing ahead of fall 2015.

Dubbed as Mac OS X El Capitan, the updated operating system though carries a strange name but it is surely expected to bring under-the-hood improvements to the OS X Yosemite. It will be much more refined.

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Introduced on June 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WDC), the name of updated OS is taken from popular rock formations in Yosemite National Park. While developing it, Apple had mainly focused on two important areas, one is performance and the other is user experience.

It is true will see improvements to the apps, Spotlight search and also the window management compared to the previous version. The company has also added technology like Metal graphics to make launching of apps faster and other such everyday activities.

Windows Management Feature

The screen looks so beautiful!

Mission Control, the window management feature, has been revamped with new Split View feature, which is very similar to the multitasking feature of iOS 9 for the iPads. With this two full-screen apps can be used simultaneously.


Apple Safari tab pinning
Apple Safari tab pinning

The Safari now comes with Pinned Sites feature, which means user can pin-up favorite sites straight on the tab bar. The pinned website stays up to date as it runs in background and when clicked on it user gets the current info. Twitter, Facebook and Gmail are the best websites to pin here.

A mute button is added too to help mute all the sounds coming from Safari in just one click. This is invaluable to some extent as most of the users want autoplaying of audio or video. Mute can be done to all the tabs or to individual tab.

User can AirPlay web video to the Apple TV now without sharing the entire desktop. This feature comes as an wonder for those who love watching the videos on bigger screen.

Mail Features

El capitan mail swipe
Mail app has some cool features, too!

For managing the messages in mailbox a new iOS-style gestures has been added. Dubbed as Smart Suggestions, the feature now recognizes names and events for quick addition to the contacts and calendars respectively. Multiple emails can be handled simultaneously in full screen mode.

Notes and Photos

Now you can replace Evernote with OS X’s very own note app!

The Notes app is now much revamped similar to that of the iOS 9. Apple has added support for checklists and also content coming from other apps such as Maps and Safari. It has now got Attachment Browser too to help view all documents, links, photos and map locations.

The photo part has now become more interesting. User can edit with the help of third-party extensions available on Mac App Store. The new feature is borrowed from iOS and those who uses it on their iPhone or iPad can better understand. Just clicking on “More” button will bring more third-party apps to support the direct-in-Photos editing feature.


OS X El capitan maps app
Maps app is now easier to use

The new Maps feature has got a new Transit view in updated OS. It displays bus, train, ferry, subway and walking routes. It is better and revamped. However, the transit directions are available only in select cities including Washington D.C., Toronto, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Mexico City, London, Chicago, Berlin and Baltimore.


OS X El Capitan performance
It’s faster than ever!

Performance wise the OS is now much enhanced. Thanks to Metal feature. The graphics have been improved too and standard apps are now performing better than before. Significant performance boosts can be seen.

Couple of beta versions have been released. If you want to be one of those early birds, download it can check whether you enjoy more than the predecessor. Do share your views too with fellow readers here by using the below given comment box.

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5 Best Features of the New OS X 10.11 El Capitan

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The successor of Yosemite is claimed to have imbibed the best aspects of its predecessor which are duly accompanied by some new tweaks as well. While the final release is dated for autumn, the post below offers a sneak-peek on 5 best features of the El Capitan. Continue reading 5 Best Features of the New OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Apple Celebrates 30 Years Of Mac With Special Mac Anniversary Video ‘1.24.12’

thirty years of macintosh mac anniversary video
Apple today released a special 90-sec Mac anniversary video titled ‘1.24.12’ to celebrate the 30 years of mac. The entire video is shot with iPhones. The original Macintosh turned 30 on January 24. Unseen videos of its first demo also came out recently.

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Apple Seeds OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 Beta 4 Build 13C48 To Registered Developers

os x mavericks 10.9.2 beta build 13c48
Apple releases the fourth OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 beta with build 13C48 to registered developers. This comes a week after the third beta update for the free OS X Mavericks. Apple also suggests the update will be made public in the near future.

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Steve Jobs’ First Macintosh Public Demonstration Video Comes Out After 30 Years; Jobs Compares Mac With Telephone

steve jobs macintosh public demonstration video
Steve Jobs’ first Macintosh public demonstration video comes out after a period of 30 years. The video shot in January 1984 shows young Jobs demonstrating the Mac at the monthly general meeting of the Boston Computer Society.

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Apple Celebrates 30 Years Of Mac With Special ‘Mac 30’ Video

thirty years of macintosh
30 years ago today, Apple introduced the first Macintosh computer. Apple therefore celebrates the 30th birthday of Mac with a special ‘Thirty Years of Macintosh‘ section on their website along with a ‘Mac 30’ video describing the Mac’s technological advantages over the years.

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