Steve Jobs House Given A Landmark Status

steve jobs house landmark
Steve Jobs house in Los Altos where he laid the foundations of Apple Computers has finally been declared as a landmark or historical property status. In September, rumors claimed the house would soon become a protected historic sight and today Los Altos Historical Commission has finally done it.

2066 Crist Drive, Los Altos, California is where Jobs started his initial work on Apple. This is the place where Jobs himself and Steve Wozniak started building Apple computers.

The first batch of the Apple I computers were hand-built by Jobs and Wozniak in this home.

The house is currently owned by Steve Jobs’ sister  Patricia Jobs who seem to have not been consulted in this court decision. She recently reported that she would not be going against the act, where her voice will actually count. She however expected a little cooperation from the law-makers part who did it all by themselves.

“I want to cooperate,” Patricia reported, “but I also want to know what is expected of us.” Steve Jobs’ stepmother Marilyn Jobs also lives in the house with Patricia. Both of them however have’t yet filed a report against the decisions.

The historical commission of the city has been focusing on this house soon after Jobs’s death. Their basic purpose being the renovation of the property for historical reasons as it bears a lot of importance being the birthplace of Apple. The Bishop also seems really impressed by their efforts.

“The documentation looks very complete — better than some of the books as far as accuracy goes,” Bishop said.

The renovations would be started soon when they get the property under control.

What’s ironic to note here is that Steve tried his best and at the end succeeded in breaking down his original historical settlement that he strongly disliked to get his second home here at Los Altos turning into a historical site.

This is also why the major people would be against this decision by the commission. Also, no plans have yet been devised for the new settlement of Patricia and Marilyn Jobs who appear to have been ripped off their own home.

The current events could lead to them appealing against the act in courts or the site would really turn into a museum.

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