Why There Has Been No Apple TV Upgrade for Past Three Years?

Apple TV

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) – the biggest event on the Apple calendar – concluded recently without any news about the Apple TV.

The streaming-to-video box from the Cupertino, California-based tech giant has already gone for three years without any new updates or new model release.

This isn’t the first time Apple is delaying update for Apple TV though. Back in 2013, Apple delayed the release of the new Apple TV.

At a time, Internet-delivered TV solutions are growing more accessible than ever, Apple has made no announcements regarding the Apple TV box at any of its events. This Monday’s developer conference keynote was no different.

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Why this indifference to the Apple TV – one might ask.This may also be the biggest question on Apple’s profile. Earlier this year the electronics giant was widely reported to be working on developing a completely new Apple TV box which was supposed to be launched right along with an Internet-delivered television service. [quote_right]The Apple TV box has sold 25 million units in the device’s lifetime.[/quote_right]

This March, Apple cut the price of the Apple TV box to $69 from the previous $99, which many would say was a classic signal that the company is cutting down the stocks of the existing device.

The truth is even without any significant marketing on the company’s part, any new tech refreshes or new services on the Apple TV, the streaming box is doing just fine on its own.

The Apple TV box has sold 25 million units in the device’s lifetime, which is, by far the greatest sales seen in this category. Compare that to Roku’s grand total of 10 million.

Apple TV Update

Google hasn’t released any stats regarding the sales of the Chromecast but it is estimated to be near the 10.5 million mark.

The cut on the Apple TV’s price is also a nod to its competition, devices like the Chromecast selling for only $35. However, the $35 Chromecast isn’t a direct competitor for this category as it is a standalone device for flinging video streaming on another device like a laptop or smartphone up on a television screen.

There is another factor behind the continuous lack of upgrades in regards to the Apple TV box. The reason is, say what you might, but in any online TV streaming device, content remains king.

[quote_center]Google has sold Chromecast over 10 million times[/quote_center]

It is what draws customers to buy such a device. For years, major programming networks held rights to their channels close to their chest fearing that the ‘over-the-top’ delivery would take away the traditional network subscribers.

But as customer stats began to fall regardless, networks loosened their strings on their content supply to the internet TV providers.

Rumor is widely being spread that Apple is trying to include local channels in its service, which complicates their negotiation attempts as local broadcast channels may sometimes be owned and operated by their affiliated parent like CBS, ABC or NBC, but not always which is part of the reason why Vue streaming service has been launched only in specific markets while Sling TV does service in all of US but does not have any local TV content.

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