A New iCloud Tool Can Tell If You Are Using A Stolen iPhone

People buy and sell stolen iPhone all the time. Buyers who are unaware that the stolen iPhone they have bought from eBay suffer sooner or later thanks to “Where’s My iPhone” Activation Lock. The true owner of stolen iPhone can at any time remotely erase, lock and disable iPhone using iCloud service.

Apple-Release-New-iCloud-Tool-to-Identify-Stolen-Device-alltimemacBuying used iPhone has always been a risky task. Not so from now. Apple has just introduced a new iCloud tool which will let you check it the iPhone you are buying is stolen or not. The tool is simple to use. All you have to do is enter iPhone’s (or any Apple device with iCloud support) IMEI number and the tool will tell you whether the i-device is locked or not. You can check the status of your device by clicking here.

This new tool makes buying used iPhone much easier. The tool not only informs about lock state of the device but also provides a set of useful links and information.

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