Microsoft Office Apps For iPad / iPhone Top App Store Charts One Day After Release

microsoft office apps for ipad iphone
The new Microsoft Office Apps For iPad / iPhone top the App Store charts just one day after their release on the iOS platform. Apps including Word, Excel and PowerPoint are ranked the top three free iPad apps on the App Store.

Microsoft made a smart and clever move porting the Microsoft Office suite to iOS platform and that too before Android. The apps are now among the highest grossing on the App Store with four major apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, the most popular free apps.

Microsoft Word for iPad is also ranked as the number five in the top grossing app charts where Excel is also ranked as twelve.

All of the new Microsoft apps can be downloaded for free on the iPad but require an Office 365 subscription for the full use. Microsoft Word and PowerPoint can view the documents and presentations, but the creation and editing requires some purchasing.

Microsoft Office Mobile for the iPad was however turned free by Microsoft as reported by Macrumors.

Office 365 subscription is available at a $9.99/month or $99/year from within the app and also outside of it. Apple also gets its’ cut of 30 percent of each in-app purchase.

This paid subscription issue is one reason why a lot of the iPad users are not really happy or excited with the release of the apps and several deleted it right away.

The top grossing charts however show Microsoft Word’s great success in the subscription arena.

Microsoft Office apps for the iPad have been a long time coming. Codenamed “Miramar”, the Microsoft Office app for iPad was always expected ahead of its Windows 8 Store release.

A prototype design of Office for iPad surfaced in early 2012.

Office is one big thing Microsoft used in its’ Surface Tablets advertisements so as to lure the customers away from the iPad since iOS never saw such a rich Office suite release. This strategy however never worked as expected for Microsoft. The port therefore became necessary.

Microsoft Office apps for iPad / iPhone can be downloaded for free from the App Store and require an Office 365 subscription for full features. You can download the apps from the links provided.

Microsoft Word for iPad [Direct Link]
Microsoft Excel for iPad [Direct Link]
Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad [Direct Link]
Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone [Direct Link]

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