Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple By Employees Over Unpaid Time

class-action-lawsuit filed against apple for unpaid employee timeA Class-Action Lawsuit filed against Apple by one of its Store employees over unpaid time waiting in line. The hourle paid Apple employees have to spend 10-15 extra minutes in the security check-ins other than the hours they spend working at the offices. Recently, Apple got sued over the misleading Breaking Bad pass and this would be the second legal action taken against Apple’s poor decisions.

The issue was reported by Taylor Kalin, a former full time Apple specialist who worked at the stores in San Francisco and Spokane. He filed the lawsuit on the behalf on all hourly-paid employees. The filed complaint via Patently Apple, states the following:

“Plaintiff and other Hourly Employees were and are required to wait in line for security checks for at least 10-15 minutes each day before leaving for their meal breaks and at the end of their shift after they had already clocked out. This daily 10-15 minute uncompensated waiting time during security checks was done in order to undergo searches for possible contraband and/or pilferage of inventory.”

Moreover, the employees also have to wait for like 15 minutes in line while waiting in line to get clocked in and that time exceeds to over 30 minutes on launch days which seems really irritating to the Store staff whose monthly wages depend to the time they spend working and not checking in.

Apple recently got hit by a similar lawsuit which was reported by two former Apple Store employees but that one was not much entertained. The current lawsuit filed is a class-action lawsuit which is technically more powerful.

Apple, in this case would need to be careful and fast in devising a proper solution for the issue as the legal solution in case if Apple fails to devise one would be for Apple to compensate for the loss of all hourly-paid employees and the numbers exceed 40,000.

The Employees basic claim would  be to either stop the extensive security checks, or add the requird time to their paid hours. Pointlessly wasting time is somehow not something anyone’s satisfied with.

Thinking of a proper solution might be hard for Apple, but letting the lawsuit describe its demands is also a no-go. A quick response to the problem, unlike the late solution to the Breaking Bad problem, is something to expect from them.

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