iTunes Connect Reopens After Annual Holiday Shutdown

itunes connect reopensiTunes Connect reopens a day earlier after Holiday Shutdown effective between December 22 and December 28. The iTunes Connect annual shutdown is aimed at giving the employees some time off during the year. The service is a platform for iOS and Mac developers to manage their apps.

Apple previously announced the service will remain closed till December 29 but we’re observing the reopening a day earlier. The initial rumors although hinted at the opening to be on December 31 but Apple seem to care a bit about the developers and their apps.

The same happened in the year 2012 when Apple opened the service a day earlier than the prescribed one. Apple should try getting their dates right, their products are already performing great.

Some developers are however complaining the iTunes connect seems buggy currently as uploading and modifying the app does not work as yet. It is expected to be fully functional by December 30.

iTunes Connect is a major tool made by Apple for its developer community. It allows the iOS and Mac developers to manage their applications on the store.

It offers financial reports sales trackers along with the other managerial services like submitting applications, determining the pricing schemes and providing app updates. iTunes Connect in short is the portal between developers and their apps on the store.

With the service back online, developers can now put up new apps on the stores as well as review the performance charts of the previous.

Developers report that their price changes made before the shutdown after appearing now since Apple delayed them for Christmas.

The up and running service will let the customer see more apps on the stores as well as provide them with support and updates for the current ones.

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