iPhone Price Increased In France By Apple

New iPhone 5S price (top) vs Original price (bottom)

The iPhone Price increased in France by Apple and that too quite unofficially. The French Apple site iGen highlighted the news first. The price increase however isn’t that great and the new buyers will only have to spend €10 or €18 extra to get the device now. Only the iPhone 5S and 5C observed this price increase.

The original prices of the iPhone 5C were €599 and €699 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively. These prices are reported to have jumped to €609 and €711 respectively.

Similarly, the iPhone 5S’ 16, 32 and 64GB models, originally priced at €699, €799 and €899 have moved up to €709, €811 and €917 respectively.

Both the phones were released in France on September 20, and have been doing some great business over there like the rest of the world.

The sudden price increase however is something still kinda unexplainable. The most probable reason could be the fluctuating economy of the country. Apple had to stay balanced and so it increased the phone prices.

The price increase can also not be linked to some new taxes introduced by the government and is purely confirmed to be one of Apple’s decisions.

The new iPhones are doing Apple some really good business. Verizon reports to have activated more than 51% of only Apple smartphones in the current year. The other 49% is shared by Samsung, Nokia, HTC and the several other smartphone companies.

The abrupt and silent price increase and that too in only France does not explain much however. It might be some sort of a signal or just a basic price increase to cope with the fluctuating economy of the country.

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