iPhone 6 Plus Display Titled “Best Smartphone LCD Display”

According to DisplayMate, iPhone 6 Plus has the best LCD display ever used in a smartphone. If you didn’t know already, DisplayMate performs different test to determine the quality of the display used in electronics. iPhone 6 Plus comes with Full HD screen resolution and has really good color reproduction and viewing angle.

iPhone-6-and-6-plus-released-alltimemacBased on our extensive Lab tests and measurements, the iPhone 6 Plus is the Best performing Smartphone LCD display that we have ever tested. It delivers uniformly consistent all around Top Tier display performance. The iPhone 6 Plus is only the second Smartphone display (LCD or OLED) to ever get all Green (Very Good to Excellent) Ratings in all test and measurement categories (except for Brightness variation with Viewing Angle, which is the case for all LCDs) since we started the Display Technology Shoot-Out article series in 2006, an impressive achievement for a display. The iPhone 6 Plus has raised the bar for top LCD display performance up by a notch.

Display quality is not all about screen resolution. iPhone 6 Plus even beats LG G3’s Quad HD display which has way more pixels per inch. The iPhone 6 Plus display strengths include peak brightness, low reflectance, and several measures of contrast and accuracy. iPhone 6 as well as iPhone 6 Plus screen can go super bright when needed. They both provide 550 nits brightness which is considerably higher than that of competing smartphones.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are very power efficient too. They use Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) backplanes, which are currently the most power efficient backplanes available. The contrast ratio is also one of the best found in a LCD display. The color accuracy of the display is just as good.

iPhone 6 display performs just as good as iPhone 6 Plus, but the lower screen resolution and pixel per inch count holds the smaller model back somewhat. Apart from the resolution difference, the display used in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is extremely identical.

Two weeks ago, DisplayMate had titled Samsung Galaxy Note 4 “The best smartphone display ever”. iPhone 6 Plus has the best LCD display but overall Galaxy Note 4’s display is better. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 uses QHD display which packs way more pixel than Full HD display. Also, the Super Amoled technology used in the Note 4 is more efficient than LCD panel.

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