Comparing iPhone 5S Touch ID With Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Sensor [VIDEO]

iphone 5s touch id versus samsung galaxy s5 fingerprint sensor
Tanner Marsh posted a video on his YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice comparing the iPhone 5s Touch ID to Samsung Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor by configuring and testing the features on both from scratch. Apple introduced Touch ID with iPhone 5S in September 2013 whereas Samsung is to release the Galaxy S5 on April 11 as announced.

The Galaxy S5 hasn’t yet released to public and is only available to developers and testers and will make its way to the markets on April 11. The five-minute video from Marsh compares the performance of fingerprint sensors on both the devices in detail.

Physically, the fingerprint sensors on both the devices are quite different. Apple has a round home button that detects static motionless gestures whereas Samsung uses swiping motion on the rectangular home button.

The fingerprint setup on the iPhone 5S includes placing the finger on the home button several times for the fingerprint registration whereas Samsung’s procedure involves downward swipes on the button several times.

Marsh faced some problems while using the fingerprint sensors while holding the phone with a single hand. The sensor requires you to swipe the finger directly over the center of the button which is not possible with a single hand. This issue was also reported previously. Touch ID can detect the fingerprint from any angle.

It seems like it’s sort of hit or miss unless you swipe directly over the center of the button, covering most of it with your finger. Moreover because you have to swipe starting from the bottom of the touchscreen it makes the process nearly impossible with one hand.

As for the iPhone 5s, because the device essentially captures multiple scans of your finger in various positions you can literally unlock it from any orientation including upside down, left, right, or diagonally. It doesn’t matter. It will almost always recognize your finger, Marsh said

Galaxy S5 can however make Paypal purchases through fingerprint scanning whereas the Touch ID only works on Apple Store purchases. Both the sensors are accurate and fast in response.

Touch ID faced some hacking issues earlier on but Apple improved its reliability and security with the iOS 7.1 update.

Both the fingerprint sensors are equally useful and exceptional in themselves but the angle problems in the S5 sensor make it hard to use.

While one can’t declare one over the other as a winner yet, the problems in the S5 sensor usage favor the Touch ID rankings more.

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