Sales Gap Between The iPhone 5S And 5C Decreasing

iphone 5s and 5c sales ratio decreasingAccording to the most recent statistics, the sales gap between the Apple’s new iPhone 5S and 5C is decreasing over time. As reported by Macrumors, the stats were published by Localytics and show a continuous decrease in the huge sales gap between the two smartphones. iPhone 5S and 5C were the two new Apple smartphones introduced in their iPhone event this September.

The first week went in favor of the iPhone 5S as it had about 3.3 times the sales of the 5C. The trend then predicted by analysts was the further reduction in the 5C sales however the performance of the 5C is commendable.

The so-called Apple’s cheap iPhone which was simply a colorful version of the original iPhone 5 was expected by Apple employees originally to do much better business as compared to the iPhone 5S because of being cheap (they said).

The early adopters however showed more interest in the higher priced phone but the trend soon slightly shifted towards the ‘cheap’ phone as well.

The reason for this fall of the iPhone 5S, which would have easily overpowered the 5C at a continuous 3.3 to 1, is the tight supply of the device. The Touch ID sensor is what accounts to that because of its slow production rates.

Apple even cut down the 5C production so as to focus on the 5S.

Verizon claims to have sold much higher units of the device if the supply was loose which it still isn’t.

Moreover, paying just $99 extra for something that would be multiple times powerful than your current choice was a great deal.

The 5C still did a lot of business. It was proclaimed the ‘failed smartphone’ but has gained much respect now to subdue that definition.

The iPhone 5S to 5C ratio has today fallen from 3.3 to 2.3 (3.0 to 1.9 in the US) and is further decreasing as we speak.

These ratios however do not reflect the actual demands of the phones in the market and the reason for this would be the supply rate where the 5S is not doing good.

This continuously decreasing gap will however not come close to unity or less than that because of the high demand of the 5S model. But, the performance of the proclaimed to be failed iPhone 5C is really astonishing.

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