iPhone 5C Price Drops To $45 on Radioshack and Walmart

Radioshack and Walmart shopping stores have dropped the price of the Apple’s new iPhone 5C from $99 to just $45. These prices are of course for the contract-based phones where you get to sign up for a 2-year contract with them.

This probably would be the best time to grab the iPhone 5C while the offer still lasts. Walmart introduced it last Friday and now following Walmart’s decision, Radioshack also decided to half the price of the Apple’s ‘colorful’ phones.

This decision however has nothing to do with Apple like people rumoured. Apple is still getting its same amount of share. The offer is introduced by the shopping stores themselves.

iPhone 5C is the so-called cheap version of the iPhone 5 that has the thing with colours – it just has too much. Almost all desirable colours are available for the iPhone while the same is not for the iPhone 5S models.

Apple iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C models are the ones literally rolling in the market these days after their record sale of over 9 Million units in the first week. Dropping the price will also greatly contribute towards this massive flow of the products all over the world.

This iPhone 5C price drop scheme at Walmart will only run through the Holiday season while the Radioshack one will work till the 2nd of November, this year. This calls for a fast action surely if you’re looking to buy the phone on a contract.

These promotional schemes launched by the retailers will not only increase traffic at their end but will also help Apple in breaking some more records. Their streak which was technically believed to be ending finally still goes on.

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