‘iOS In The Car’ Coming Next Week With Ferrari, Volvo And Mercedes

ios in the car
When releasing the iOS 7, Apple hinted at releasing ‘iOS in the car’ feature for the iPhone. The iOS 7 Beta 2 also had some of its functionality embedded. According to a report in the Financial Times, Apple is releasing the feature next week at the Geneva Motor Show with Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes – the first partners.

Apple mentioned at WWDC 2013 about having more than a dozen automobile manufacturers on board for the feature including Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet, Hyundai and more. Its however launching the product with only the three mentioned as of now.

iOS in the Car feature basically integrates the media systems in automobiles with iOS powered devices. Apple reportedly faced several complexities in making the software a reality.

The technology group will next week launch its first in-car operating system with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo as it attempts to take the lead in a fierce race to dominate tomorrow’s smart cars.

The deal marks the first time that Apple is embedding its software in devices other than its own branded products. The choice of the Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz is seen to be in keeping with the US tech group’s high-end phones, reports FinancialTimes

The report doesn’t actually mention ‘iOS in the car’ by name but the description provided is pretty much what iOS in the car is.

The article the feature will be enable to use Apple Maps for navigation in the car’s in-dash screen, as well as watch movies, listen to music and even make calls and send messages. The system works with full Siri integration and this is the ‘iOS in the car’ we know about.

The feature has its roots in a 2005 push where Apple planned to integrate iPod into the car stereo systems. It partnered with the three mentioned manufacturers as well as with Nissan and Alfa Romeo for the feature.

Automobile manufacturers like Honda are already preparing for larger in-dash displays for the feature. Apple says that this new feature is their ‘key focus’ in 2014 and this ‘very important’ feature is an essential ‘part of the ecosystem’.

The iOS in the car initiative faced several organizational issues because of the incompatibility with several in-dash screens but if the FinancialTimes report is accurate, iOS in the car is coming very soon.

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