‘App Santa’ Brings 15 Top iOS Apps On Discount Of Up To 60%

app santa ios apps on discountThe ‘App Santa’ campaign has arrived again on the iOS featuring the top 15 iOS apps on discount of up to 60%. Apple also recently introduced the 12 Days Of Gifts campaign and the amazing MacBook Pro price drop to brighten up the holiday season.

Under the ‘App Santa’ campaign, top developer companies for the iOS department join hands to provide amazing discounts on their trending apps to get it distributed the most in the last few days left before Christmas.

Ten well-known developers of the iOS platform including big companies like Readdle, Agile Bits, RealMac and Tapbots join under the App Santa program and offer some great discounts on their top apps which are also the App Store’s top trending apps currently. The discounts rates are as high as 60% on some apps.

The Apps provided under this year’s App Santa program are as follows [courtesy MacRumors].

– Day One – $2.99 – Journal/diary app [Direct Link]

– Launch Center Pro – $2.99 – App and action launcher [Direct Link]

– Mileage Log+ – $4.99 – Mileage tracker useful for tax deductions or reimbursement [Direct Link]

– Scanner Pro – $2.99 – Scan documents using iOS device camera [Direct Link]

– PCalc – $6.99 – Scientific calculator [Direct Link]

– Screens VNC – $14.99 – Remote desktop access [Direct Link]

– Clear+ – $1.99 – Clean and simple to-do lists [Direct Link]

– Calendars 5 – $2.99 – Calendar app with natural language input [Direct Link]

– 1Password – $9.99 – Secure password management [Direct Link]

– Perfect Weather – $1.99 – Colorful and clean weather app with maps and forecasts [Direct Link]

– Printer Pro – $2.99 – iPad app for wireless printing [Direct Link]

– Delivery Status – $2.99 – Track packages from over 30 services [Direct Link]

– Vesper – $2.99 – Note-taking, to-dos, and more [Direct Link]

– Tweetbot – $1.99 – Popular Twitter client for iPhone [Direct Link]

– PDF Converter – $2.99 – iPad app converts various file types to PDF [Direct Link]

The close date of the deal has however not been enclosed as yet. Better act fast while the sale still lasts. The probable date for the termination of this deal would be December 24.

Apple devices have received some immense discounts and sales in this holiday season. Starting with the 12 Days of Gifts campaign and the MacBook Pro price drops and now with this, Apple users are seemingly really enjoying their holiday season which is also about to end in a few days.

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