Apple’s Gold iPhone 5S Was Codenamed ‘The Kardashian Phone’ By Developers


The developers at Apple nicknamed the gold iPhone 5S as ‘The Kardashian Phone’ during its early development. This news has also been officially confirmed by Apple officials. iPhone 5Sand also the iPhone 5S gold were released by Apple on the September iPhone release event.

The name was given after the famous celebrity Kim Kardashian. Employees however say that the name didn’t carry any significance neither was it a secret code or something just a funny name given to the phone.

The news was brought into spotlight by NYT reporter by Nick Bilton on his Twitter account and was later confirmed by Apple officials.

The iPhone 5S gold color was really appreciated and liked by the public although their reviews before its launch were quite the opposite. Its great demand is one reason why its supply is really short as of now and we rarely see a gold iPhone 5S model, unless of course if its a  custom painted one.

Kim Kardashian has a history with gold iPhones. She got her black iPhone 5 painted to gold and bloated about it on Twitter. This technically would be the reason for the codename given to the phone.

Kim however is reported to be still using that old iPhone 5 of her. Seems like she ain’t impressed by Apple’s attempt in granting her wish.

The iPhone 5S is Apple’s flagship smartphone for the next couple of years. It was released alongside with the iPhone 5C but according to the statistical data, it did more than twice the sales of the iPhone 5C, which is just a colorful version of the original iPhone 5.

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