Apple Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Anti-Poaching Agreement


Apple set to face a class-action lawsuit against anti-poaching agreement between Apple, Google, Adobe and Intel. The agreement barred the employees of one of these organizations to get hired in another one. This is another addition to the several class-action legal moves taken against Apple.

Lucy Koh, a US District Judge recently declared that the companies involved in this agreement will face some sort of a trial. It was soon given a class status which technically should bother the companies involved.

The suit represents software and hardware engineers, programmers, animators, digital artists, Web developers and other technical professionals, according to the ruling. Kelly Dermody, a lawyer representing them, said in an e-mail that there are as many as 64,626 potential class members.

“The court finds that, based on the extensive documentary evidence, economic theory, data, and expert statistical modeling, plaintiffs’ methodology demonstrates that common issues are likely to predominate over individual issues,” states Koh in her ruling.

Competing companies would often hire another one’ employees offer a higher salary and then get the person. The mentioned companies however tried to change that habit among themselves by agreeing on not granting such permission.

This restricted the employees to their current jobs and their chances of joining a senior post at the other company went down the drain. To the companies, it seemed to be a suitable decision that brought peace with it but the employees faced obvious problems.

The last time this case was brought into the spotlight, judges agreed upon giving a low priority which basically hints at the no-solution state. With more evidence and information however, it is now given the position of a class-action lawsuit.

The first major investigation was however carried out in 2010 when the companies were allowed to continue the task for five more years. Things however changed a lot and the wait is now over.

The lawsuit holds for over 64,000 employees from different companies who had to face the consequences. Giving it a class-action value will definitely bring an end to it.

The trial as scheduled by judge Lucy Koh, would be held in May, 2014. Appeals from the defending companies could however delay it further.

It has become really common for Apple and some other major companies to be filed a class-action lawsuit against them. The mostly however manage to get out of the deadly trap or solve the issues fueling it.

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