Apple watch Looks and feel

Apple Watch: All You Need to Know

Apple is all set to launch it’s very first wearable, the Apple Watch. Coming early 2015, Apple Watch will be available in three distinctive forms — Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. Apple Watch will be available in different sizes with multiple bands to choose from.

The bands Apple watch uses is proprietary which means you won’t be able to use third-party bands. But the selection Apple offers you is just incredible. There is a lot to know about Apple Watch as it is a completely new device running all new custom OS. So, let’s get to it!


Apple watch Looks and feel
Apple watch looks ‘good’ outside!

This is one place Apple Watch shines. It looks darn beautiful both inside out. Made out of aluminium, you know that Apple Watch is a premium and a sophisticated watch. You can even opt-in for 18k gold Apple Edition watch which is made up of gold(of course!). Apple even claims that the gold it uses in Watch Edition is twice as strong as ordinary gold. The digital crown that is used to perform multiple function also looks premium.

Watch is something personal. It describes your personality. Watches are very different from iPhones and iPads. They are supposed to match personal preference of each individual. Also, it is something you will be wearing all day. So, you will want a perfect match. Keeping that in mind, Apple has come up with a range of watches to choose from. Apple has separated watches into 3 major categories — Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition.

That is not all. Doesn’t matter which Apple Watch you go for, you have plenty of other customization options to choose from. There are 6 strap options to choose from. What’s more? They come in multiple colours. You can go for a black strap or may be a red one. Like both? Get both , then. Apple has used a mechanism using which you can change straps easily. With a push of a button, you can remove the strap and put on something different.

Not everyone has same sized wrists. The watch that fits in your hand will certainly not fit in mine. That is why Apple Watches come in different sizes. There are 2 sizes to choose from. According to the size of the watch, the straps available for purchase will also be different.

Apple Watch may not have circular watch design as that of Motorola Moto 360 or battery life as good as that of Pebble Steel but it certainly has sense of fashion that separates it from the rest of the crowd.


Apple Watch is covered by Sapphire coated Retina Display
Apple Watch is covered by Sapphire coated Retina Display!

Apple Watch uses a flexible retina display which is laminated with single crystal of sapphire, the second hardest transparent material after diamond. The retina display used in the Apple Watch is different from retina display used in the iPhone, iPad or even MacBook Pros. This retina display can recognize the intensity of the touch. So, the system will know whether you are just touching the screen or actually pressing it. It will respond according after that. Apple calls it Force Touch technology. The watch will be offered in two screen sizes : 1.5″ retina display and 1.65″ retina display. Sapphire coating also means that the watch is scratch-resistant and as sturdy as it can get.


Apple watch doesn't have any port
Apple watch doesn’t have any port!

Surprise! Apple Watch doesn’t have any ports… not even one! I don’t know about others but when I found out this, I was happy.

Happy simply because I knew charging Apple Watch wouldn’t be a problem. Charging smartphones, tablets and laptops had been and always will be a hassle. Not so with the Apple Watch. It uses MagSafe technology (similar to that of MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros) with conductive charging. The best thing has to be that you don’t need to align the charger in perfect position. The magnets in the charger will do it for you. Simply take the charger next to the back of Apple Watch and watch the magic happen!

There are two buttons and a crown in Apple Watch. One of the button is used to release the latch so that you can swap straps easily. The crown and the other button is what you will be using to control the watch. The crown serves multiple purpose. It can be rotated as well as can be pushed. Using the touch screen to zoom in and out isn’t very intuitive in a small device such as Apple watch. Pinch to zoom works only well in devices with big display.

You can perform the same function by rotating the crown on the Apple Watch. The crown can be used to zoom in or out in maps, messaging and in phones application.  It can also be used for scrolling. The crown also acts as a home button on the Apple Watch. Pressing the crown brings you back to the home-screen. Holding the crown down will bring out Siri so that you can perform voice operations.

The other button that rests beside the crown, when pressed, will bring out your frequently used contact lists. Double tap the button and Apple Pay will be launched via which your can make payments without using credit cards. As easy as it is, it is also very secure.


Apple watch faces
Apple watch faces

Doesn’t matter what all Apple Watch can do, if it cannot accurately and precisely show the time, it is of no use. Good for us, Apple Watch is incredibly accurate. The watch has accuracy of+-50ms. The watch will change the time itself according to day-light savings. If you travel to a different time-zone, the watch will adjust the time automatically for you. What more could you ask for? There are also plenty of watch faces to choose from. Best thing is you can change them whenever you want to and wherever you want to. You can also choose stock info, weather updates and more as background.


Apple watch S1 processor
Apple watch S1 processor

In the heart of the Apple Watch lies custom designed S1 processor. It is a single chip containing all modules inside it. It is sealed with aluminium enclosure so that it is water and dust-proof. It is a very efficient chip but at the same time very powerful. Powerful enough to run all apps designed to for the Apple Watch. The amount of RAM used and the clock speed of the processor is yet to be known.

The Apple Watch also includes a dedicated chip called the Taptic Engine. It provides user with haptic feedback whenever you receive a notification or an incoming call. The engine works in co-ordination with single mono speaker which sits beside the taptic engine. The speaker is also water and dust resistant.


Apple Watch houses all the necessary sensors including a custom heart-rate monitor. The back of the Apple watch has 4 sapphire lens which along with Infrared rays and LED sensors accurately measures the heart beat of the wearer.

Apple watch sensors
No, that’s not torch, they are sensors!

The Watch also includes NFC chip which can be used for mobile payment. Dubbed Apple Pay, you can make in-store payments y using this technology. Pressing the button next to the crown, twice, brings out the Apple Pay screen. Tapping the watch to compatible NFC enabled machine will make transitions. If the transition is successful, the watch will provide haptic feedback to the user.

There is no GPS or Wi-Fi built into the watch. Rather it uses GPS and Wi-Fi from the iPhone to measure distance travelled more precisely. The watch also doesn’t have camera of its own. However, you can use your watch as a viewfinder for your iPhone.

The other sensors include gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient sensor and proximity sensor. All the sensors work in conjunction making Apple Watch a complete package.


Utilizing all the hardware features of the Apple Watch is Apple’s brand new Watch OS. The watch won’t run any iOS application or games. Rather, it runs only select apps from Apple and third-party software creators. Apps like Nike+, Runtastic will be available for download when the watch comes out.

As it is a new platform, it will have its own dedicated store. Software developers can develop apps for Apple Watch and publish it in the store. Possibilities is limitless. It depends on how the developers utilize this opportunity.

Apple watch UI software
The UI of Apple Watch is simple and intuitive!

Just as with all other Apple products, the user interface of Apple Watch is simple. The home screen lists out all the apps in form of bubble. Tap on any icon and you will be taken straight into the app. Pressing the crown will bring you back to the home-screen.

Customization is one great feature of Apple Watch. There are hundreds to things that you can customize. You can change the clock face, you can change the theme of the watch and even change the color of the dials. You can change the background, you can change the position of the watch face, you can include date and time in the watch face and you can do so much more. Also, third-party watch faces will be available for download through the dedicated Watch App Store. There is even a clock face with Mickey Mouse in it!


Apple watch call
Incoming call on Apple Watch!

Unlike many smart watches, you can call and speak straight from your watch. Apple Watch has built-in microphone and a speaker. You can call or receive calls and even transfer call to your iPhone if you plan on talking for a longer period of time. One thing is note though is that you will need to carry iPhone along with us as you can’t insert SIM card into the watch.


Battery life of Apple Watch is something Apple has not talked about. The battery capacity is also unknown. All we know is charging the watch will be relatively easy using the conductive mechanism. We will update about the battery life later when we hear about it.


Pricing of the Apple Watch starts at 349$. For that money, you will be buying yourself the cheapest Apple watch. The Apple Watch Edition may cost as high as 4,999$ reports CNet. Everything else will cost in between. Apple Watch will be available for purchase early 2015.

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