Apple Sues Chinese Government Agency And Zhizhen Technology Network Over Siri Patent Infringement

apple siri patent infringement
As reported by China’s state-run news agency Xinhua, Apple is suing the country’s State Intellectual Property Office and Shanghai based Zhizhen Network Technlogy over the Apple’s Siri patent infringement. Siri, Apple’s personal assistant is found on iPhone and iPad.

Zhizhen back in 2012 filed a case against Apple over the patent infringement of its’ instant messaging chat bot system Xiaoi Bot caused by Apple’s Siri. The Xiaoi Bot patent was filed in 2004. Zhizhen accused Apple of copying its schemes in Siri.

Apple launched the case against the State Intellectual Property Office, which is in charge of patent rights protection in China, and Shanghai’s Zhizhen Network Technology, which developed software similar to Siri, the report said.

The US company previously asked the State Intellectual Property Office to declare Zhizhen’s voice recognition patent invalid but the request was declined, prompting the legal action, Xinhua said.

The Beijing Number one Intermediate People’s Court will hear the case on Thursday, the report added.

Apple asked the China’s State Intellectual Property Office to invalidate Zhizhen’s patent but they declined. Apple therefore is suing both the Zhizhen network and the State intellectual office.

The previous case was brought into the Shanghai court in July 2013 but no ruling has been announced yet. Beijing Number One Intermediate People’s Court will hear this enw case on Thursday the report said.

The Xiaoi chat robot system was launched in 2003 as a messenger for MSN, Yahoo and other similar chat networks. The app was later made available for iOS and Android where it features voice commands that are quite similar to Siri.

Siri, on the other hand is Apple’s personal assistant found in smartphones and tablets launched after the iPhone 4.

According to the report, AFP tried to seek Apple so as to get their views regarding their newly filed lawsuit but Apple officials declined to respond.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said last year that he expected China to become their largest market, but the current heat might be preventing its happening.

Xiaoi Bot and Siri are both different category products but have striking similarities between them. While the Zhizhen Network has equal grip on the case, Apple seems confident about their success here.

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