apple sued for misleading breaking bad season pass on itunes

Apple Sued Over Misleading Breaking Bad Season Pass Offering

apple sued for misleading breaking bad season pass on itunes

Noam Lazebnik, a Breaking bad TV show fan from Ohio sued Apple for providing a false Season Pass for the show. The fifth and the last season of Breaking Bad is divided into two parts and Apple’s $22.99 season pass for iTunes was only effective for the first half although it is not meant to work that way. A proper action against this act by Apple has yet to be decided.

The directors of the famous TV show Breaking Bad decided to break the season into two halves of eight episodes each so as to create excitement and thrill in the minds of the viewers. Braking bad is also no doubt one of the best TV show on-air these days and has been receiving a lot of positive user feedback.

The announcement of the partitioning was never concealed but an open news made by the directors of the show but Apple still took it the wrong way. Instead of providing the whole 16 episode season for the price, it just offered the first half and dealt the next as another season although it was never a priori specified.

Dealing the two halves as separate isn’t that big of a problem, the real issue is the pricing. $22.99 for an eight-episode season would probably be the worst deal you are ever gonna make, but unfortunately this was the only one Apple was offering.

Although it’s been nearly a month that the next half of the season got started, the issue was brought into light a few days back when Mr. Noam realized he couldn’t use his pass for streaming the last eight episodes.

Many of the Breaking Bad followers simply purchased the next half’s pass without raising a voice but technically, Apple did a mistake here that it should not have committed. With the right price, the deal was still justified but that is not how it is.

A proper action suit has been filed against Apple which would hopefully solve the issue. (Like Walter says) Maybe their best course would be to tread lightly and carefully the next time and as for the current season, make the last episodes available on the user’s current pass. A proper legal action will however determine the ‘best course’.

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