Apple Introduces New ‘Indie Game Showcase’ Section On App Store

indie game showcase
Apple introduces new Indie Game Showcase section on the iOS App Store for games made by independent developer and their favourite titles. The section will regularly highlight notable indie games on the iPad and iPhone.

The first showcase was the action thriller Device 6 from developer Simogo, the runner up in the Game of the Year category in iTunes Store awards 2013.

The same developer also published Year Walk, the title that is believed to have the best storyline and visual effects. Year Walk also won several awards for its outstanding gameplay.

Often made up of just a few dedicated members, independent studios prove that what really matters is the size of your dream. In each Indie Game Showcase, we celebrate a popular game and its creative team, highlighting the developer’s titles along with their favorite games from other studios, quotes Macrumors

There have been several indie games that performed great on the App Store. Titles like Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump and Fruit Ninja are some popular examples of Indie games.

AppleInsider reports that Apple will rotate the showcases once per week, however it has not been officially announced. Each showcase focuses on one game, probably the one trending in those days.

Apple Indie Game Showcase comes ad the end of Game Developers Conference which strongly hints at an increased interest in indie productions by larger companies.

“Apple’s Indie Game Showcase comes at the end of the Game Developers Conference, which saw an increased interest in indie productions by larger companies. Among various announcements, Sony unveiled improved development tools for indie developers on PS4, Microsoft showcased games part of the initial rollout of the ID@XBOX program, Nintendo showed the capabilities of its Web Framework, while both Epic and Crytek announced subscription services for their game engines, a move likely aimed at smaller, independent developers,” reports MacStories.

Apple also featured its 10 Essential Indie Games section on the App Store’s games category page. Popular titles like Nyamyam’s Tengami and Sirvo’s Threes are among them.

While Indie Game Showcase section will promote the indie titles and developers, it will also make it easier for the users to find the trending titles without a hassle.

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