Apple Tries To Recruit Fired Blackberry Employees

apple tries to recruit blackberry employeesAfter Blackberry’s announcement of the discharge of 40% of its employees, Apple begin the hunt for the talented workers among them and tried to lure them into Apple. To recruit fired Blackberry employees, Apple hosted a recruitment drive at the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre on September 26th. The Blackberry’s decision was based on the disastrous financial conditions it’s running under.

Apple, soon after the announcement of Blackberry’s decision, lured the Blackberry staff into its Silicon Valley operations in Ontario – the place where Blackberry was born. Several talented ones were invited and did attend the event.

The LinkedIn invitation by Apple confirmed that most of the job vacancies are in Cupertino, California. Apple also assured the relocation and immigration assistance to the employees thus seeming really desperate to get the talented techies.

Blackberry officials report to have gone under a $1 Billion loss in the last few months which primarily was the reason why thousands of employees were simply fired. Reports also claim more lay-offs to be appearing soon.

Apple however didn’t waste any time in identifying the perfect strategy to use here. There are no numerical values obtained as yet, but Apple would have had several of it vacancies filled by now.

Intel, Google, Square and Google also took advantage of the situation and held their own recruitment drives soon after Apple’s attempt. Apple however has stronger chances here and will possibly get the most of the dough.

Apple’s attempt was criticised and taken wrong by many online resources but from a business point of view, it is a very good strategical approach to spread its reach and productivity and Apple really would be benefited by it.

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