What To Expect From The Apple October Event aka iPad Event

apple-october-eventA few days back, invites started to roll out for the Apple October event aka iPad event. The event which is to be held in two days i.e. October 22, carries a lot of importance as some of Apple’s major products revisions are to be launched on this event just like the previous Apple iPhone event where they uncovered their flagship smartphones.

The event would be held at Yerba Buena Center, San Francisco which has really become a centre of attraction for the public these days because of the amazing decorations being carried out there by Apple for the event.

With the tagline “we still have a lot to cover”, the event is entitled into bringing a lot for the public which might as well be true since there are so many things for Apple to unleash. However, Apple might not really release all of them on this October event aka iPad event (just like the September event was iPhone event).

So, the event’s prime focus would be the iPad and the iPad Mini, thus the iPad event.

The new fifth-generation iPad powered by Apple’s 64-bit A7 chip would be a thinner and lighter version of the previous model. It would feature an enhanced camera as compared to its predecessor.

Apple’s second-generation iPad Mini is rumored to be featuring a retina display and would most likely be consisting of the Apple’s A7 processor.

Amazon also hinted the release of the new Apple TV on this event. The new Apple TV would be receiving software updates as well as performance enhancements over the previous version which was released earlier this year.

OS X Mavericks would also be hinted at and given a preview of and a final release date at the event.

The new cylindrical Mac Pro is also expected to be announced. Rumors also claim the launch of updated display units for the Mac Pro.

The new Intel Haswell CPU powered MacBook Pro would also surely be officially released. The new device would feature tremendous power and performance upgrades because of the new processors. The Haswell Mac Mini might also be released.

These seven new devices would surely satisfy the Apple’s definition of the word ‘lot’ (in the tagline). Their exact plans however cannot be predicted but the mentioned devices would most probably get their place at the event since they appear to be really close to availing their official launch.

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