Apple Hires Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts As Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores

apple-hires-burberry-ceoApple hires Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as the Senior Vice President of their Retail and Online Stores departments. Angela Ahrendts will be leaving the fashion industry and start her career at Apple in Spring 2014. Also recently, Apple hires designers of the Nike’s fuel band.

The turnover rate for the head of retail stores is significantly high. Ron Jhonson, who stood at the place for 11 years deliberately left the organization in 2011. His successor John Browett was fired by Apple before even completing a single year at the place.

The vacancy for the SVP of Retail and Online stores has finally been filled as the team along with Tim Cook, the CEO ultimately came to the perfect match for the job like they say. Tim explains the situation as follows:

“I am thrilled that Angela will be joining our team. She shares our values and our focus on innovation, and she places the same strong emphasis as we do on the customer experience. She has shown herself to be an extraordinary leader throughout her career and has a proven track record.”

Angela will also have somewhat more control over the job than the previous managers had because of her extensive role in the field at her previous job which she readily agreed to let go of. She would also become the only woman in the senior leadership role at Apple. While describing her feelings about the offer, she said:

“I am profoundly honored to join Apple in this newly created position next year, and very much look forward to working with the global teams to further enrich the consumer experience on and offline.”

“I have always admired the innovation and impact Apple products and services have on people’s lives and hope in some small way I can help contribute to the company’s continued success and leadership in changing the world”

Retail and online stores is one major sector of the organization. The turnover rate explains its importance to the manager, as well as to the organization itself. Tim Cook hopes for Angela to fully apply her strategic mind to deal with the job.

Angela will remain the CEO of Burberry until next year though. This would be yet another of Apple’s high-level hire from the fashion industry after they took Paul Deneve, the CEO of Yves Saint Laurent.

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