Apple No Longer Provides The In-Store Pickup Option For iPhone 5s

apple disables in-store pickup option for iphone 5sApple today announced that it is disabling the in-store pickup option for the iPhone 5s models. The service was introduced this Monday and shut down just a day after it. The in-store pickup option lets the user to book an iPhone online and collect it from their nearby Apple store.

The in-store pickup option in the current scenario was the fastest way to grab the new iPhone 5s. In situations where even the pre-orders are postponed to be delivered in late October, the retail pickup services were really beneficial for the iPhone 5s buyers.

Although Apple has already made a 9 million sales mark, there still are several thousands of people waiting to get their hands on the new iPhone. The in-store pickup option is still available for the iPhone 5c models but has been completely disabled for the 5s models.

Apple’s sole reason for introducing this service was to further boost up their sale records, which might as well be working real good for the iPhone 5c models. The iPhone 5s models have however problems in different dimensions.

The core reason for disabling the in-store pickup option for the iPhone 5s was their poor production rate of the 5s models which is mainly because of the Touch ID’s hardware specifications, the bio-metric sensor stuff.

With the personal pickup services made available, hundreds of thousands of users went for it. Although Apple would have had this in mind before but well, that’s not really the way it seems.

Apple, realizing that it cannot handle this much requirements of the iPhone 5s models, decided today to simple turn off this service. While the unpredictable Apple can still bring it back anytime, the buyers for now have to rely on the delayed deliveries because that is the only option left.

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