Total Apple Device Sales Will Outnumber Windows PCs In 2014

total apple device sales 2014 vs microsoft
Analyst Horace Dediu from Asymco says that the total Apple device sales will outnumber the count of Windows PCs this year. Dediu however compared all of Apple’s devices, Macs, iPads and iPhones with the Windows PCs. Although the comparison might seem unfair, this has to be some good news for Apple probably caused because of their high sale rates the last year.

Statistics for the year 2013 show that the count of total Windows PCs were only 1.18 times greater than the entire Apple’s product line-up. But according to the figures collected by Dediu, there was one Mac for every 18.8 Windows PCs sold.

“In 2013 there were 18.8 times more Windows PCs sold than Macs. This is a reduction in the Windows advantage from about 19.8x in 2012. This decline is mostly due to the more rapid decline in Windows PC shipments relative to the more modest decline in Mac unit shipments”, says Dediu.

These stats clearly show that the Macs weren’t enough to beat PCs market share and that is where comparison is made unfair by introducing all other Apple products as well on one side. However, the iPad and iPhone is what’s keeping Apple nearly at par with Microsoft.

Conclusions from this trend are that the number of Apple devices will at least come even with the Windows PCs. Although the competition was not really made fair for Microsoft, Apple device sales can still be believed to growing at a rapid rate.

Microsoft’s smartphones and tablets do not really constitute a major portion of their market share. Especially if put in direct comparison with Apple, they would simply lose the competition by a fair margin. But with the PCs combined, Apple’s the one losing.

But the current scenario being observed is that Apple products are being sold at high rates while Microsoft’s attempts are not really given attention to.

With the current increasing trend for Apple and more of constant rates for Microsoft, it is highly likely that in the upcoming years, Apple will easily be able to target the entire Microsoft lineup.

One major factor contributing here is the shifting trend from computers to tablets. Apply that now and then compare Microsoft and Apple, surely Apple’s the winner which is why in the near future, Microsoft might no longer be the market leader.

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