Apple Cutting iPhone 5C Production As Chinese Grey Market Prices Fall

apple cutting down iphone 5c productionApple cutting iPhone 5C production in half as the Chinese grey market prices fall. The production is changed from 300,000 to 150,000 units daily. The new iPhone 5C is reported to have been sold at 30% lesser than the original price in the Chinese grey markets

As reported and identified by UnwiredView, iPhone 5C’s original price in China is about $726. But their grey market is selling the same phone at about $540. Some vendors even sell the 5C on as low as $425 without contract.

Chinese smugglers smuggled the iPhone 5C models from US, Hong Kong and some parts of Europe. This although is a hard step to take but not impossible it seems.

Apple was always producing more 5C units than the 5S, primarily because of the 5S’ fingerprint sensor which’s hardware is in a limited supply. Somehow it seems like this move of theirs made them really famous in the grey market.

Apple iPhone 5c, the “so-called” cheap iPhone was originally priced at $549 in the US. Although this disappointment in the pricing made many buyers turn away from the deals, iPhone 5C made its mark in the markets.

The most recent stats might even have iPhone 5C topping the 5S sales , a major of which would be contributed by this grey market business which Apple has somehow taken control of.

By reducing the number of units produced, Apple will not only be making the grey market business settle down a bit, but will also be making the availability of the Phone 5C short of the required value.

But the strategies Apple uses to handle such situations will get it out of it in no time. They at least will not have to worry about the illegal selling of their products and that too at a much lower price than what they ask.

The supply of iPhone 5C is really abundant currently. Statistics however lets you calculate how the demand is no more that great.

There have always been attempts and tries to remove the piracy and illegal selling of stuff, but never have we seen something that actually worked.

China currently seems the most suitable place to look for an iPhone 5C. Until somehow this illegal process is completely stopped, iPhone 5C sales will boost up faster than normal via ways that Apple never wanted to exist. Let’s see what happens.

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