Apple Black Friday Teaser Confirms The Price Cuts For One Day

apple black friday teaser
Apple Black Friday teaser as posted online and in retail stores confirms the happening of the event and therefore we would soon be expecting some good price drop on Apple inventory for one day. Apple posted a teaser image on its Austrailian site about a  “one-day Apple shopping event” on the November 29th when the shipping of items will be made free all over the globe.

Apple would also definitely be focusing on some price cuts on its devices because that’s what the event basically is. Following the thanksgiving day, the Black Friday which also marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season sees high rates of sales.

Retailers therefore as a convention offer special packages and discounts on their products for this one day. This probably is the reason why a major variety of people do their major shopping on the Black Friday.

Apple’s Black Friday offers, as announced officially, would be valid from Nov. 29 12:01 A.M to 11:59 PM local time. Apple also said that the promotional pricing and the packages will be only limited to poducts at hand because not all items are always available at Apple retail stores.

The last Black Friday was turned into a really good day for Apple buyers as Apple offerd discount packages ranging from $11 to $101 on its various products.

Apple might as well follow the same guideline for the discount for this year but that can only be disclosed on the day. Here’s the list indicating the price cuts last year:

– iPad with Retina Display – $41 Off
– iPad 2 – $31 Off
– iPod touch – $ 31 Off
– iPod touch 4th Generation – $21 Off
– iPod nano – $11 Off
– MacBook Pro with Retina – $101 Off
– MacBook Pro – $101 Off
– MacBook Air – $101 Off

Apple is already not fully able to handle the amount of new customers it is provided with. Yes, it tried the various techniques to get everything under control. The Black Friday however will make the situation worse in any case.

If you’re looking to get a benefit from the day, you’d better act fast and get into the waiting queue as soon as the offer starts because Apple of all organizations will be revieving several thousands of purchase requests every hour or even more and history has evidence that Apple is usually short of requested items.


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