iOS 7 Passwords AutoFill Option iPhone

How to Add Credit Card Autofill in Safari iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad & iPod

iOS 7 has many useful features that saves you lots of time — option to auto fill credit card information on websites is one of them.

If you’re one of those who does a lot of online purchases and pay bills, this feature will come very handy. The feature comes with a security option that prevents other users from misusing your credit card information.

Here’s how to securely add credit card autofill feature in Safari:

  • Open Settings app and tap on Safari
  • Tap on Passwords & AutoFill under GENERAL.

iOS 7 Passwords AutoFill Option iPhone

  • At the bottom, turn ON the Credit cards option.

iPhone Credit Cards AutoFill Option

If you have not set up passcode on your iPhone then you’ll be promoted to add one. You can also move forward without adding the passcode, but we highly recommend to set up the passcode.

  • Now, tap on Saved Credit Cards and add your credit card information. After that, tap on Done.

Add Credit Card iPhone

Warnings and safety tips

To avoid your credit card information from being stolen, use passcode and never share it with your friends. When you enable the passcode security option, you’ll have to enter the passcode every time you try to autofill the forms with your credit card information.

Make sure the site where you are entering your credit card details is reliable and reputed one. If the site looks suspicious then don’t provide your credit card details.

Tip: Always check for ‘s‘ at the end of ‘https://‘. This means that your information is encrypted while the site validates your card information.

It is best to keep your passcode ON for your iPhone so no one can change the settings in your phone.

And also, change your passcode on regular basis. This will prevent data from being stolen in case of losing your iPhone.

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